Man pages for RepeatABEL
GWAS for Multiple Observations on Related Individuals

compute.GRMComputes a Genetic Relationship Matrix from a GenABEL object
constructVConstructs the (co)variance matrix for y
Create_gwaa_scanCreates a scan.gwaa object
flycatchers10,000 SNPs from 849 collared flycatchers
gen.dataExample GenABEL data
Phen.DataExample phenotype data
preFitModelFits a linear mixed model (without fixed SNP effects) and...
RepeatABEL-packageGWAS for repeated observations on related individuals
rGLSGWAS for Studies having Repeated Measurements on Related...
simulate_PhenDataSimulation function for the RepeatABEL package.
SmoothSNPmatrixImputes column means to missing genotypes
thinned.flycatchers10,000 SNPs from 200 collared flycatchers
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