Rexperigen: R Interface to Experigen

Provides convenience functions to communicate with an Experigen server: Experigen (<>) is an online framework for creating linguistic experiments, and it stores the results on a dedicated server. This package can be used to retrieve the results from the server, and it is especially helpful with registered experiments, as authentication with the server has to happen.

AuthorDaniel Szeredi [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-08-26 02:48:12
MaintainerDaniel Szeredi <>

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API.request Man page
checkAuthentication Man page
checkLogin Man page
cleanURL Man page
create.API.request.URL Man page
createExperimenter Man page
downloadExperiment Man page
getDestinations Man page
getRegisteredExperiments Man page
getUsers Man page
logoutExperigen Man page
prepare.server.URL Man page
registerExperiment Man page
removeRegistration Man page
Rexperigen Man page
Rexperigen-package Man page
server.version Man page
setExperigenCredentials Man page
setExperigenServer Man page
versionMain Man page

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