Man pages for Rexperigen
R Interface to Experigen

API.requestRun a request to the API
checkAuthenticationChecks whether the authentication is supported by the server...
checkLoginChecks whether the user is logged in.
cleanURLReturns the cleaned source URL.
create.API.request.URLCreate an URL for a request to the Experigen API.
createExperimenterCreate a login for yourself using this function
downloadExperimentMakes a download request from the server.
getDestinationsReturns the list of destination files for an experiment.
getRegisteredExperimentsGet a list of registered experiments.
getUsersRequests the table of users from the server.
logoutExperigenSimply removes the stored credentials, so following requests...
NO_SERVER_ERRORError string returned when no server is found
prepare.server.URLServer URL preparation.
registerExperimentRegisters an experiment to the experimenter.
removeRegistrationRemoves the registration of the experiment
RexperigenRexperigen: an R interface to Experigen
server.versionReturns the version of an Experigen server
setExperigenCredentialsSets up the experimenter credentials for the further...
setExperigenServerSets the Experigen server address for further operations. By...
versionMainReturns the main version number of the server.
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