Rfacebook: Access to Facebook API via R

Provides an interface to the Facebook API.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorPablo Barbera <pbarbera@usc.edu>, Michael Piccirilli <mrp2181@columbia.edu>, Andrew Geisler
Date of publication2017-01-04 10:56:03
MaintainerPablo Barbera <pbarbera@usc.edu>

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callAPI Man page
fbOAuth Man page
getCheckins Man page
getCommentReplies Man page
getFQL Man page
getFriends Man page
getGroup Man page
getInsights Man page
getLikes Man page
getNetwork Man page
getNewsfeed Man page
getPage Man page
getPost Man page
getReactions Man page
getShares Man page
getUsers Man page
Rfacebook Man page
Rfacebook-package Man page
searchFacebook Man page
searchGroup Man page
searchPages Man page
updateStatus Man page

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