Man pages for Rfacebook
Access to Facebook API via R

callAPIMake an API request
fbOAuthCreate OAuth token to Facebook R session
getCheckinsExtract list of checkins of a Facebook friend
getCommentRepliesExtract replies to comments on page post
getEventsExtract list of events from a public Facebook page or group
getFQLExecutes a FQL query to the Facebook Graph API
getFriendsExtract list of friends with their information
getGroupExtract list of posts from a public Facebook group
getInsightsExtract Insights metric from a Facebook page (admin role...
getLikesExtract list of likes of a Facebook friend
getNetworkExtract network of friends of authenticated user
getNewsfeedDownload recent posts from the authenticated user's newsfeed
getPageExtract list of posts from a public Facebook page
getPageTokenGet a page access token
getPostExtract information about a public Facebook post
getReactionsExtract total count of reactions to one or more Facebook...
getSharesExtract list of users who publicly shared a public Facebook...
getUsersExtract information about one or more Facebook users
Rfacebook-packageAccess to Facebook API via R
searchFacebookSearch public posts that mention a string
searchGroupFind Facebook ID of a group
searchPagesSearch pages that mention a string
updateStatusUpdate Facebook status from R
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