Man pages for Rfast2
A Collection of Efficient and Extremely Fast R Functions II

add.termAdd many single terms to a model
batch.logisticLogistic regression for large scale data
benchmarkBenchmark - Measure time
bernoulli.nbNaive Bayes classifier for binary Bernoulli data
bernoullinb.predPrediction with naive Bayes classifier for binary (Bernoulli)...
bic.regsBIC of many simple univariate regressions.
big.knnThe k-NN algorithm for really lage scale data
bigknn.cvCross-validation for the k-NN algorithm for really lage scale...
binom.regBinomial regression
boot.jamesBootstrap James and Hotelling test for 2 independent sample...
boot.student2Bootstrap Student's t-test for 2 independent samples
boot.ttest1One sample bootstrap t-test for a vector
cauchy0.mleMLE of the Cauchy and generalised normal distributions with...
censpois.mleMLE of the left censored Poisson distribution
censweib.regCensored Weibull regression model
censweibull.mleMLE of the censored Weibull distribution
circ.cor1Circurlar correlations between two circular variables
clsConstrained least squares
cluster.lmLinear regression with clustered data
colaccsMany binary classification metrics
colGroupColumn-wise summary statistics with grouping variables
coljack.meansColumn and row-wise jackknife sample means
collognorm.mleColumn-wise MLE of some univariate distributions
colmeansvarsColumn-wise means and variances of a matrix
colmsesany metrics for a continuous response variable
colspml.mleColumn-wise MLE of the angular Gaussian distribution
colwslmetaColumn-wise weighted least squares meta analysis
cor_testCorrelation significance testing using Fisher's...
covarCovariance between a variable and a set of variables
covdistDistance between two covariance matrices
covequalHypothesis test for equality of a covariance matrix
covlikelHypothesis tests for equality of multiple covariance matrices
covrob.lmLinear model with sandwich robust covariance estimator
dcoraDistance correlation matrix
den.contoursContour plots of some bivariate distributions
depth.mahalaMahalanobis depth
difficItem difficulty and discrimination
el.cor.testEmpirical and exponential empirical likelihood test for a...
empirical.entropyEmpirical entropy
fbed.regForward Backward Early Dropping selection regression
fedhc.skelThe skeleton of a Bayesian network produced by the FEDHC...
fe.lmfitFixed effects regression
fipois.regFixed intercepts Poisson regression
fisher.daFisher's linear discriminant analysis
fpFractional polynomial regression with one independent...
gammapois.mleMLE of the gamma-Poisson distribution
gammaregGamma regression with a log-link
gammaregsMany Gamma regressions
gee.regGEE Gaussian regression
gumbel.regGumbel regression
halfcauchy.mleMLE of continuous univariate distributions defined on the...
hcf.circaovAnalysis of variance for circular data
hellinger.countregHellinger distance based regression for count data
het.lmfitHeteroscedastic linear models for large scale data
hp.regHurdle-Poisson regression
IntersectIntersect Operation
is.lower.triCheck if a matrix is Lower or Upper triangular
is.skew.symmetricCheck whether a square matrix is skew-symmetric
jack.meanJackknife sample mean
jbtestsMany Jarque-Bera normality tests
kmKaplan-Meier estimate of a survival function
kumar.mleMLE of distributions defined for proportions
leverageDiagonal values of the Hat matrix
lm.bsregbackward selection with the F test or the partial correlation...
lm.drop1Single terms deletion hypothesis testing in a linear...
lm.parbootParametric and non-parametric bootstrap for linear regression...
logiquant.regsMany simple quantile regressions using logistic regressions.
ludSplit the matrix in lower, upper triangular and diagonal
mciMonte Carlo Integration with a normal distribution
MergeMerge 2 sorted vectors in 1 sorted vector
mle.ldaMaximum likelihood linear discriminant analysis
mmhc.skelThe skeleton of a Bayesian network learned with the MMHC...
mmpcMax-Min Parents and Children variable selection algorithm for...
mmpc2Max-Min Parents and Children variable selection algorithm for...
moranIMoran's I measure of spatial autocorrelation
multinom.regMultinomial regression
multinomreg.cvCross-validation for the multinomial regression
multivm.mleMLE of some circular distributions with multiple samples
mv.score.glmsMany score based regressions with muliple response variables...
nb.cvCross-validation for the naive Bayes classifiers
negbin.regNegative binomial regression
negbin.regsMany negative binomial regressions
normal.etestEnergy based normality test
omp2Orthogonal matching variable selection
overdispreg.testScore test for overdispersion in Poisson regression
pcaPrincipal component analysis
pcrPrincipal components regression
pc.selVariable selection using the PC-simple algorithm
perm.ttest2Permutation t-test for 2 independent samples
pinar1Conditional least-squares estimate for Poisson INAR(1) models
pooled.colVarsColumn-wise pooled variances across groups
propjs.regHellinger distance based univariate regression for...
propols.regNon linear least squares regression for percentages or...
purka.mleMLE of the Purkayastha distribution
QuantileSample quantiles and col/row wise quantiles
rbeta1Random values generation from a Be(a, 1) distribution
refmetaRandom effects and weighted least squares meta analysis
reg.mle.ldaRegularised maximum likelihood linear discriminant analysis
regmlelda.cvCross-validation for the regularised maximum likelihood...
Rfast2-packageReally fast R functions
riagAngular Gaussian random values simulation
rm.hotelRepeated measures ANOVA (univariate data) using Hotelling's...
RunifRandom values simulation from the uniform distribution
Sample.intRandom integer values simulation
sclrScaled logistic regression
score.zipregsMany score based zero inflated Poisson regressions
sp.logiregsMany approximate simple logistic regressions.
stud.ttestsMany 2 sample student's t-tests
tobit.regTobit regression
trim.meanTrimmed mean
trunccauchy.mleMLE of some truncated distributions
vm.nbNaive Bayes classifiers for directional data
vmnb.predPrediction with some naive Bayes classifiers for circular...
wald.poisratWald confidence interval for the ratio of two Poisson...
walter.ciWalter's confidence interval for the ratio of two binomial...
weib.regsMany simple Weibull regressions.
weibull.nbNaive Bayes classifiers
weibullnb.predPrediction with some naive Bayes classifiers
welch.testsMany Welch tests.
wild.bootCluster robust wild bootstrap for linear models
zigamma.mleMLE of the zero inflated Gamma and Weibull distributions
zigamma.regZero inflated Gamma regression
ztp.regZero truncated Poisson regression
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