Man pages for Rgb
The R Genome Browser

AnnotationAnnotation track constructors
crossable-classClass '"crossable"'
drawable-classClass '"drawable"'
drawable.listDrawable list constructor
drawable.list-classClass '"drawable.list"'
draw.bgBackground for track plots
draw.boxesBoxes plot of a track
draw.histHistogram plot of a track
draw.pileupPileup plot of a BAM track
draw.pointsScatter plot of a track
draw.seqPlot a sequence of nucleotides
draw.stepsStairway plot of a track
findDrawablesFind drawable objects in memory
hsGenesHomo sapiens GRCh37 genomic features
istrack_subtrack_sizetrackExtract elements within a genomic window
read.gtfParses a GTF2 file
refTable-classClass '"refTable"'
refTable-constructorrefTable class constructor
saveRDTSingle refTable object storage
segMergeMerges consecutive segments
segOverlapMerges overlapping segments
singlePlotWhole genome plot of a drawable list
sliceable-classClass '"sliceable"'
tk.browseR Genome browser
tk.convertRDT file conversion
tk.tracksTrack management for Genome browser
tk.utilsTk interface utilities
track.bam-classClass '"track.bam"'
track.bands-classClass '"track.bands"'
track.CNV-classClass '"track.CNV"'
track-constructorsTrack constructors
track.exons-classClass '"track.exons"'
track.fasta-classClass '"track.fasta"'
track.fasta-constructorsTrack constructors for FASTA files
track.genes-classClass '"track.genes"'
track.table-classClass '"track.table"'
ylineCompute Y line to avoid collision
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