Man pages for Rgretl
Interface to 'gretlcli'

datasets_infoextracting information on _gretl_ sample files
descriptionprinting description of a data frame
find_samplefinding sample scripts which use a _gretl_ command specified...
greenesample scrips from _gretl_ 'Greene' selection
gretlsample scrips from _gretl_ 'Gretl' selection
grmodInterface for _gretl_ estimation commands
merge_datamerging data frames and/or (multiple) time-series objects as...
open_gdtopening _gretl_ and _gretl_-supported data files
ramanathansample scrips from _gretl_ 'Ramanathan' selection
Rgretl-packageInterface to _gretlcli_
run_grclirunning gretl scripts
save_binsaving data as _gretl_ data bases
save_gdtsaving data as _gretl_(-export) data files
show_sampleprinting _gretl_ sample scripts
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