Man pages for RmarineHeatWaves
Detect Marine Heat Waves and Marine Cold Spells

block_averageCalculate Yearly Means for Event Metrics.
detectDetect heatwaves and cold-spells.
event_lineCreate a Line Plot of Marine Heat Waves or Cold Spells.
exceedanceDetect consecutive days in exceedance of a given threshold.
geom_flameCreate 'Flame' Ploygons.
geom_lolliVisualise a Timeline of Several Event Metrics as 'Lollipops'.
lolli_plotCreate a Timeline of Selected Event Metrics.
make_wholeConstructs a Continuous, Uninterrupted Time Series of...
sst_MedOptimally Interpolated 0.25 degree SST for the Mediterranean...
sst_NW_AtlOptimally Interpolated 0.25 degree SST for the NW Atlantic...
sst_WAOptimally Interpolated 0.25 degree SST for the Western...
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