Man pages for Rmixmod
Classification with Mixture Modelling

asQualitativeConvert a data frame containing integers to a qualitative...
barplotClusterBarplot of a class ['MixmodResults']
barplot-methodsBarplot of a class ['Mixmod']
birdsQualitative data: morphological description of birds
carQualitative data: Car Evaluation
composeModelNameGet the heterogeneous model name using Gaussian and...
CompositeModel-classConstructor of ['CompositeModel'] class
CompositeParameter-classConstructor of ['CompositeParameter'] class
ellipseDefine function to draw an ellipse
extract-methodsExtract parts of a Rmixmod class
financeComposite data: Financial health of companies
GaussianModel-classConstructor of ['GaussianModel'] class
GaussianParameter-classConstructor of ['GaussianParameter'] class
geyserQuantitative data: Old Faithful Geyser
heterodataComposite data with training and testing set
heterodatatestComposite data: A testing set
heterodatatrainComposite data: A training set
histClusterHistogram of a class ['MixmodResults']
hist-methodsHistograms of a class ['Mixmod']
initialize-methodsCreate an instance of the ['MultinomialModel'] class using...
is.dataTypeSay if a data frame is quantitative, qualitative or composite
isQualitativeSay if a data frame contains only qualitative variables.
is.wholenumberDefine function to check an integer
matrix2binaryDefine function to transform a matrix of modalities into...
Mixmod-classConstructor of ['Mixmod'] class
mixmodClusterCreate an instance of the ['MixmodCluster'] class
MixmodCluster-classConstructor of ['MixmodCluster'] class
mixmodCompositeModelCreate an instance of the ['CompositeModel'] class
MixmodDAResults-classConstructor of ['MixmodDAResults'] class
mixmodGaussianModelCreate an instance of the ['GaussianModel'] class
MixmodLearn-classConstructor of ['MixmodLearn'] class
mixmodLearn.defaultCreate an instance of the ['MixmodLearn'] class
mixmodMultinomialModelCreate an instance of the ['MultinomialModel'] class
MixmodPredict-classConstructor of ['MixmodPredict'] class
MixmodResults-classConstructor of ['MixmodResults'] class
mixmodStrategyCreate an instance of ['Strategy'] class
MixmodXmlCheck-classConstructor of ['MixmodXmlCheck'] class
MixmodXmlInput-classConstructor of ['MixmodXmlInput'] class
Model-classConstructor of ['Model'] class
MultinomialParameter-classConstructor of ['MultinomialParameter'] class
nbFactorFromDataGet the number of modalities for each column of a categorical...
oldmixmodPredictCreate an instance of the ['MixmodPredict'] class
Parameter-classConstructor of ['Parameter'] class
plotClusterPlotting of a class ['MixmodResults']
plot-methodsPlotting of a class ['Mixmod']
print-methodsPrint a Rmixmod class to standard output.
Rmixmod-packageRmixmod a MIXture MODelling package
show-methodsShow description of a Rmixmod class to standard output.
sortByCriterion-methodsSorting results of a ['Mixmod'] object by a given criterion
Strategy-classConstructor of ['Strategy'] class
summary-methodsProduce result summaries of a Rmixmod class
titanicQualitative data: Survival of passengers on the Titanic
vector2binaryDefine function to transform a vector of modalities into...
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