Man pages for Rnets
Resistance Relationship Networks using Graphical LASSO

Assign_EmetadataAssign_Emetadata - Methods for assigning network edge...
Assign_VmetadataAssign_Vmetadata - Methods for assigning network vertex...
Clean_SigmaClean_Sigma function
dot-Assign_Layout_MatrixHidden function for assigning layout matrix
dot-Gen_R.Gen_R - internal methods for generating Rnets.
E_ATTRSSample Edge Attributes
EC_COORDSExample Vertex coordinates
Estimate_pCorrsEstimation of partial correlation matrix from precision...
image.edge_heatmapimage() method for plotting Rnet heatmaps
L1SelectionL1 Selection for Rnets
NARMS_EC_DATAE. coli Isolate information from Nat'l Antimicrobial...
plot-RnetBasicPlot methods for R-nets
printPrint methods of rnet objects.
RnetR-net Methods
rnetBasicAn S4 class containg the information of a basic rnet. These...
Rnet_HeatmapRnet_Heatmap - Function to generate a bitmap figure to...
rnetInputAn S4 class for accepting input data common for generating...
rnetStrataAn S4 class containing multiple Rnets, each the information...
rnetSubsetAn S4 class containing the information of an rnet...
signed_modularityRobust Estimator of modularity (Gomez, et al 2009)
Sq2LongMatrix reshaping function
summary-L1selectionSummary - L1 selection object
summary-rnetBasicSummary - rnetBasic
summary-rnetStrataSummary - rnetStrata
summary-rnetSubsetSummary - rnetSubset
V_ATTRSSample Vertex Attributes for NARMS_EC_DATA
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