Man pages for Rnumerai
Interface to the Numerai Machine Learning Tournament API

daily_model_performancesFetch Daily performance of any user
daily_submission_performancesFetch Daily Submission Performance of any user
diagnosticsFetch results of diagnostics run
download_datasetDownload specified file for the given round.
download_validation_dataDownload CSV file with historical targets and ticker universe
get_accountGet all information about your account
get_api_keyGets the Numerai API key
get_competitionsRetrieves information about all rounds
get_current_roundGet number of the current active round.
get_leaderboardGet the current leaderboard
get_modelsGet mapping of account model names to model ids for...
get_public_idGets the Numerai Public ID
list_datasetsList of available data files
round_model_performancesFetch round model performance of any user
run_queryRun a custom query
set_api_keySets the Numerai API key
set_bioSet bio field for a model id
set_linkSet link field for a model id
set_public_idSets the Numerai Public ID
set_stake_typeChange stake type by model
set_submission_webhookSet a model's submission webhook used in Numerai Compute
stake_changeChange stake by 'value' NMR
submission_statusSubmission status of the last submission associated with the...
ticker_universeFetch universe of accepted tickers
upload_diagnosticsUpload predictions to diagnostics from file.
upload_predictionsUpload predictions from file.
wallet_transactionsGet all transactions in your wallet.
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