cellCycleKO: A dataset based on Reimand _et al_ and Hu _et al_. It...

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A dataset based on Reimand et al and Hu et al. It contains lists yeast genes that were most influenced by 12 cell cycle related transcription factor knockouts. The dataset is a list with 3 slots

  1. gl - set of gene lists in a format suitable for aggregateRanks;

  2. N - number of yeast genes;

  3. ref - reference list of cell cycle related genes taken from de Lichtenberg et al.


Raivo Kolde <[email protected]>


Reimand, J., Vaquerizas, J. M., Todd, A. E., Vilo, J., and Luscombe, N. M. (2010). "Comprehensive reanalysis of transcription factor knockout expression data in saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals many new targets. Nucleic Acids Res."

Hu, Z., Killion, P. J., and Iyer, V. R. (2007). "Genetic reconstruction of a functional transcriptional regulatory network." Nat. Genet., 39(5), 683-7

de Lichtenberg, U., Jensen, L. J., Fausboll, A., Jensen, T. S., Bork, P., and Brunak, S. (2005). "Comparison of computational methods for the identification of cell cycle- regulated genes. Bioinformatics, 21(7), 1164-71."

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