Man pages for Rpipedrive
'Pipedrive API's' Functions to Improvement and Integration's Systems

activities.addAdd an activity
activities.deleteDelete an activity
activities.delete_multipleDelete multiple activities in bulk
activities.getGet details of an activity
activities.get_allGet all activities assigned to a particular user
activities.updateEdit an activity
activityfields.get_allGet all fields for an activity
activitytypes.addAdd new activity type
activitytypes.deleteDelete an activity type
activitytypes.delete_multipleDelete multiple activity types in bulk
activitytypes.get_allGet all activity types
activitytypes.updateEdit activity type
authorizations.addGet all authorizations for a user
check_api_token_Checking API Token
clear_list_Clear List
currencies.get_allGet all supported currencies
dealfields.addAdd a new deal field
dealfields.deleteDelete a deal field
dealfields.delete_multipleDelete multiple deal fields in bulk
dealfields.getGet one deal field
dealfields.get_allGet all deal fields
dealfields.updateUpdate a deal field
deals.addAdd a deal
deals.add.followersAdd a follower to a deal
deals.add.participantsAdd a participant to a deal
deals.add.productsAdd a product to the deal, eventually creating a new item...
deals.deleteDelete a deal
deals.delete.followersDelete a follower from a deal
deals.delete_multipleDelete multiple deals in bulk
deals.delete.participantsDelete a participant from a deal
deals.delete.productsDelete an attached product from a deal
deals.duplicateDuplicate deal
deals.findFind deals by name
deals.getGet details of a deal
deals.get.activitiesList activities associated with a deal
deals.get_allGet all deals
deals.get.filesList files attached to a deal
deals.get.flowList updates about a deal
deals.get.followersList followers of a deal
deals.get.mailmessagesList mail messages associated with a deal
deals.get.participantsList participants of a deal
deals.get.permittedusersList permitted users
deals.get.personsList all persons associated with a deal
deals.get.productsList products attached to a deal
deals.timelineGet deals timeline
deals.updateUpdate a deal
deals.update.mergeMerge two deals
deals.update.productsUpdate product attachment details of the deal-product (a...
files.addAdd file
files.deleteDelete a file
files.getGet one file
files.get_allGet all files
files.get.downloadDownload one file
files.remoteCreate a remote file and link it to an item
files.remotelinkLink a remote file to an item
files.updateUpdate file details
filters.addAdd a new filter
filters.deleteDelete a filter
filters.delete_multipleDelete multiple filters in bulk
filters.getGet one filter
filters.get_allGet all filters
filters.updateUpdate filter
get_all_Execute GET from pipedrive's URL
globalmessages.deleteDismiss a global message
globalmessages.getGet global messages
mailmessages.getGet one mail message
mailthreads.deleteDelete mail thread
mailthreads.getGet one mail thread
mailthreads.get_allGet mail threads
mailthreads.get.mailmessagesGet all mail messages of mail thread
mailthreads.updateUpdate mail thread details
notefields.get_allGet all fields for a note
notes.addAdd a note
notes.deleteDelete a note
notes.getGet one note
notes.get_allGet all notes
notes.updateUpdate a note
organizationfields.addAdd a new organization field
organizationfields.deleteDelete an organization field
organizationfields.delete_multipleDelete multiple organization fields in bulk
organizationfields.getGet one organization field
organizationfields.get_allGet all organization fields
organizationfields.updateUpdate an organization field
organizationrelationships.addCreate an organization relationship
organizationrelationships.deleteDelete an organization relationship
organizationrelationships.getGet one organization relationship
organizationrelationships.get_allGet all relationships for organization
organizationrelationships.updateUpdate an organization relationship
organizations.addAdd an organization
organizations.add.followersAdd a follower to an organization
organizations.deleteDelete an organization
organizations.delete.followersDelete a follower from an organization
organizations.delete_multipleDelete multiple organizations in bulk
organizations.findFind organizations by name
organizations.getGet details of an organization
organizations.get.activitiesList activities associated with an organization
organizations.get_allGet all organizations
organizations.get.dealsList deals associated with an organization
organizations.get.filesList files attached to an organization
organizations.get.flowList updates about an organization
organizations.get.followersList followers of an organization
organizations.get.mailmessagesList mail messages associated with an organization
organizations.get.permittedusersList permitted users
organizations.get.personsList persons of an organization
organizations.updateUpdate an organization
organizations.update.mergeMerge two organizations
permissionsets.addAdd permission set assignment
permissionsets.deleteDelete a permission set assignment
permissionsets.getGet one permission set
permissionsets.get_allGet all permission sets
permissionsets.get.assignmentsList permission set assignments
permissionsets.updateUpdate permission set details
personfields.addAdd a new person field
personfields.deleteDelete a person field
personfields.delete_multipleDelete multiple person fields in bulk
personfields.getGet one person field
personfields.get_allGet all person fields
personfields.updateUpdate a person field
persons.addAdd a person
persons.add.followersAdd a follower to a person
persons.add.pictureAdd person picture
persons.deleteDelete a person
persons.delete.followersDelete a follower from a person
persons.delete_multipleDelete multiple persons in bulk
persons.delete.pictureDelete person picture
persons.findFind persons by name
persons.getGet details of a person
persons.get.activitiesList activities associated with a person
persons.get_allGet all persons
persons.get.dealsList deals associated with a person
persons.get.filesList files attached to a person
persons.get.flowList updates about a person
persons.get.followersList followers of a person
persons.get.mailmessagesList mail messages associated with a person
persons.get.permittedusersList permitted users
persons.get.productsList products associated with a person
persons.updateUpdate a person
persons.update.mergeMerge two persons
pipelines.addAdd a new pipeline
pipelines.deleteDelete a pipeline
pipelines.getGet one pipeline
pipelines.get_allGet all pipelines
pipelines.get.conversion_statisticsGet deals conversion rates in pipeline
pipelines.get.dealsGet deals in a pipeline
pipelines.get.movement_statisticsGet deals movements in pipeline
pipelines.updateEdit a pipeline
prepare_url_parameters_Transform list to string
productfields.addAdd a new product field
productfields.deleteDelete a product field
productfields.delete_multipleDelete multiple product fields in bulk
productfields.getGet one product field
productfields.get_allGet all product fields
productfields.updateUpdate a product field
products.addAdd a product
products.add.followersAdd a follower to a product
products.deleteDelete a product
products.delete.followersDelete a follower from a product
products.findFind products by name
products.getGet one product
products.get_allGet all products
products.get.dealsGet deals where a product is attached to
products.get.filesList files attached to a product
products.get.followersList followers of a product
products.get.permittedusersList permitted users
products.updateUpdate a product
recents.getGet recents
roles.add.assignmentsAdd role assignment
roles.add.settingsAdd or update role setting
roles.deleteDelete a role
roles.delete.assignmentsDelete a role assignment
roles.getGet one role
roles.get_allGet all roles
roles.get.assignmentsList role assignments
roles.get.rolesList role sub-roles
roles.get.settingsList role settings
roles.updateUpdate role details
searchresults.getPerform a search
searchresults.get.fieldPerform a search using a specific field value
stages.addAdd a new stage
stages.deleteDelete a stage
stages.delete_multipleDelete multiple stages in bulk
stages.getGet one stage
stages.get_allGet all stages
stages.get.dealsGet deals in a stage
stages.updateUpdate stage details
userconnections.get_allGet all user connections
users.addAdd a new user
users.add.blacklistedemailsAdd blacklisted email address for a user
users.add.roleassignmentsAdd role assignment
users.delete.roleassignmentsDelete a role assignment
usersettings.getList settings of authorized user
users.findFind users by name
users.getGet one user
users.get.activitiesList and filter activities assigned to a specific user
users.get_allGet all users
users.get.blacklistedemailsList blacklisted email addresses of a user
users.get.followersList followers of a user
users.get.permissionsList user permissions
users.get.roleassignmentsList role assignments
users.get.rolesettingsList user role settings
users.meGet current user data
users.updateUpdate user details
webhooks.addCreate a new webhook
webhooks.deleteDelete existing webhook
webhooks.get_allGet all webhooks
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