RprobitB_latent_classes: Create object of class 'RprobitB_latent_classes'.

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This function creates an object of class RprobitB_latent_classes.


RprobitB_latent_classes(latent_classes = NULL)



Either NULL or a list of parameters specifying the number and the latent classes:

  • C: The number (greater or equal 1) of latent classes, which is set to 1 per default and is ignored if P_r = 0. If update = TRUE, C equals the initial number of classes.

  • update: A boolean, determining whether to update C. Ignored if P_r = 0. If update = FALSE, all of the following elements are ignored.

  • Cmax: The maximum number of latent classes.

  • buffer: The updating buffer (number of iterations to wait before the next update).

  • epsmin: The threshold weight for removing latent classes (between 0 and 1).

  • epsmax: The threshold weight for splitting latent classes (between 0 and 1).

  • distmin: The threshold difference in means for joining latent classes (non-negative).


An object of class RprobitB_latent_classes.

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