Man pages for RprobitB
Bayesian Probit Choice Modeling

as_cov_namesRe-label alternative specific covariates
check_formCheck model formula
check_priorCheck prior parameters
choice_berserkData of berserking choice
choice_probabilitiesCompute choice probabilities
classificationClassify deciders preference-based
coef.RprobitB_fitExtract model effects
compute_choice_probabilitiesCompute probit choice probabilities
compute_p_siCompute choice probabilities at posterior samples
cov_mixExtract estimated covariance matrix of mixing distribution
create_labels_alphaCreate labels for 'alpha'
create_labels_bCreate labels for 'b'
create_labels_dCreate labels for 'd'
create_labels_OmegaCreate labels for 'Omega'
create_labels_sCreate labels for 's'
create_labels_SigmaCreate labels for 'Sigma'
create_lagged_covCreate lagged choice covariates
deltaMatrix difference operator
dmvnormDensity of multivariate normal distribution
draw_from_priorSample from prior distributions
d_to_gammaTransform threshold increments to thresholds
euc_distEuclidean distance
filter_gibbs_samplesFilter Gibbs samples
fit_modelFit probit model to choice data
get_covExtract covariates of choice occasion
gibbs_samplingMarkov chain Monte Carlo simulation for the probit model
is_covariance_matrixCheck covariance matrix properties
ll_orderedLog-likelihood in the ordered probit model
MMatrix difference operator for ranked vectors
missing_covariatesHandle missing covariates
mmlApproximate marginal model likelihood
model_selectionCompare fitted models
nparExtract number of model parameters
overview_effectsPrint effect overview
parameter_labelsCreate parameters labels
permutationsPermutations of a vector
plot_acfAutocorrelation plot of Gibbs samples
plot_class_allocationPlot class allocation (for 'P_r = 2' only)
plot_mixture_contourPlot bivariate contour of mixing distributions
plot_mixture_marginalPlot marginal mixing distributions
plot_rocPlot ROC curve
plot.RprobitB_dataVisualize choice data
plot.RprobitB_fitVisualize fitted probit model
point_estimatesCompute point estimates
posterior_parsParameter sets from posterior samples
pprintPrint abbreviated matrices and vectors
pred_accCompute prediction accuracy
predict.RprobitB_fitPredict choices
preference_flipCheck for flip in preferences after change in model scale.
prepare_dataPrepare choice data for estimation
rdirichletDraw from Dirichlet distribution
R_hatCompute Gelman-Rubin statistic
rmvnormDraw from multivariate normal distribution
RprobitBRprobitB: A package for Bayes estimation of probit models
RprobitB_dataCreate object of class 'RprobitB_data'
RprobitB_fitCreate object of class 'RprobitB_fit'
RprobitB_gibbs_samples_statisticsCreate object of class 'RprobitB_gibbs_samples_statistics'
RprobitB_latent_classesCreate object of class 'RprobitB_latent_classes'
RprobitB_normalizationCreate object of class 'RprobitB_normalization'
RprobitB_parameterDefine probit model parameter
rtnormDraw from one-sided truncated normal
rttnormDraw from two-sided truncated normal
rwishartDraw from Wishart distribution
set_initial_gibbs_valuesSet initial values for the Gibbs sampler
simulate_choicesSimulate choice data
sufficient_statisticsCompute sufficient statistics
train_testSplit choice data in train and test subset
transformTransform fitted probit model
transform_gibbs_samplesTransformation of Gibbs samples
transform_parameterTransformation of parameter values
undiff_SigmaTransform differenced to non-differenced error term...
update_bUpdate class means
update_classes_dpDirichlet process-based update of latent classes
update_classes_wbWeight-based update of latent classes
update_dUpdate utility threshold increments
update_mUpdate class sizes
update_OmegaUpdate class covariances
update_regUpdate coefficient vector of multiple linear regression
update.RprobitB_fitUpdate and re-fit probit model
update_sUpdate class weight vector
update_SigmaUpdate error term covariance matrix of multiple linear...
update_UUpdate latent utility vector
update_U_rankedUpdate latent utility vector in the ranked probit case
update_zUpdate class allocation vector
WAICCompute WAIC value
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