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Server providing R functionality to applications via TCP/IP or local unix sockets


Starts Rserve in daemon mode (unix only). Any additional parameters not related to Rserve will be passed straight to the underlying R. For configuration, usage and command line parameters please consult the online documentation at Use R CMD Rserve --help for a brief help.

The Rserve function is provided for convenience only.

On Windows the Rserve() function sets up the PATH to include the current R.DLL so that Rserve can be run.


# R CMD Rserve [<parameters>]

Rserve(debug = FALSE, port, args = NULL, quote=(length(args) > 1), wait, ...)



determines whether regular Rserve or debug version of Rserve (Rserve.dbg) should be started.


port used by Rserve to listen for connections. If not specified, it will be taken from the configuration file (if present) or default to 6311


further arguments passed to Rserve (as a string that will be passed to the system command - see quote below).


logical, if TRUE then arguments are quoted, otherwise they are just joined with spaces


wait argument for the system call. It defaults to FALSE on Windows and TRUE elsewhere.


other arguments to be passes to system.


Rserve is not just a package, but an application. It is provided as a R package for convenience only. For details see


R CMD Rserve will only work on unix when installed from sources and with sufficient permissions to have write-rights in $R_HOME/bin. Binary installations have no way to write in $R_HOME/bin and thus Rserve() function described above is the only reliable way to start Rserve in that case.

Java developers may want to see the StartRserve class in java/Rserve/test examples for easy way to start Rserve from Java.

Rserve can be compiled with TLS/SSL support based on OpenSSL. Therefore the following statements may be true if Rserve binaries are shipped together with OpenSSL: This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young ( This product includes software written by Tim Hudson ( They are not true otherwise.


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