run.Rserve: Start Rserve within the current R process.

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Start Rserve within the current R process.


run.Rserve makes the current R process into an Rserve instance. Rserve takes over until it is shut down or receives a user interrupt signal. The main difference between Rserve and run.Rserve is that Rserve starts a new process, whereas run.Rserve turns the current R session into Rserve. This is only possible if there are no UI elements or other parts that could interfere with the prepation of Rserve.


run.Rserve(..., config.file = "/etc/Rserve.conf")



all named arguments are treated as entries that would be otherwise present in the configuration file. So argument foo="bar" has the same meaning as foo bar in the configuration file. The only exception is that logical values can be used instead of enable/disable. Some settings such as uid are not relevant and thus ignored.


path of the configuration file to load in the Rserve. It will be loaded before the above settings and is optional, i.e. if the file is not present or readable it will be ignored.


Returns TRUE after the Rserve was shut down.


Simon Urbanek

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