Man pages for SARP.compo
Network-Based Interpretation of Changes in Compositional Data

arbresGrouping composants by changes in cut-off separation
BpLiCircadian Genes Expression in Bipolar Disorder Patients
choix_seuilCut-off selection by simulations
conversionsConvert between matrix and data-frame format
coupureFinding cut-offs for graph disjonctions
creer_dfCreate p-values data-frame from pairwise tests of all...
creer_grapheCreate a graph using a set of p-values from pairwise tests
creer_matriceCreate p-values matrix from pairwise tests of all possible...
distanceSimulate the distribution of maximal minimal distances in a...
fichiersCreate and read a file of p-values for all pairwise tests of...
gadl1Gene expression change in bipolar disorder
modeleCreate a compositional model for simulations
poteriesComposition of Roman poteries
puissanceEstimate the power and the type-I error of the...
rapportsCompute all pairwise ratios of a set of variables
sch23390Effect of MDMA and SCH23390 on gene expression
testUtility functions to obtain p-values from tests on individual...
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