Man pages for SCCS
The Self-Controlled Case Series Method

addatData on NSAID and antidepressant exposure and first GI bleed
adidatData on antidiabetics and fractures
amdatData on MMR and aseptic meningitis
apdatData on antipsychotics and stroke
autdatData on MMR vaccine and autism
bpdatData on blood pressure and headaches
bupdatData on bupropion and sudden death
condatData on DTP and convulsions
dtpdatData on DTP and convulsions
eventdepenexpSCCS with event-dependent exposure
eventdepenobsSCCS with event-dependent observation periods
febdatData on multitype convulsions and MMR
formatdataFormatting data
gbsdatData on influenza vaccine and GBS
gidatData on NSAID and first GI bleed
hibdatData on DTP, Hib and convulsions
hipdatData on antidepressants and hip fracture
intdatData on intussusception and OPV
integrateIsplineIntegral of I-splines
itpdatData on MMR and ITP
lrtsccsLikelihood ratio test for SCCS models
midatData on respiratory tract infections and myocardial...
nonparasccsSpline-based non parametric SCCS method
nrtdatData on NRT and MI
opvdatData on OPV and intussusception
pmdatData on asthma admissions and air pollution
quantsccsQuantitative exposures in self controlled case series method
rotdatData on Rotavirus vaccine and intussusception
rsvdatData on RSV and ambient temperature
samplesizeSample size calculation in SCCS
SCCS-packageThe Self-Controlled Case Series (SCCS) Method
semisccsSemiparametric self-controlled case series method
siddatData on hexavalent vaccine and sudden infant death syndrome...
simulatesccsdataSimulation of SCCS data
smoothagesccsSpline-based semiparametric SCCS, smooth age
smoothexposccsSpline-based semiparametric SCCS, smooth exposure
standardsccsThe standard SCCS method
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