febdat: Data on multitype convulsions and MMR

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Data on multitype convulsions and MMR


The data comprise ages in days at MMR vaccine and convusion in children aged 366 to 730 days of age. The convulsions are two types: febrile or non-febrile. There are 988 events in 894 cases.




A data frame containing 988 rows and 7 columns. The column names are 'case' (individual identifier), 'conv' (age at convulsion), 'sta' (age at start of observation period), 'end' (age at end of observation period), 'mmr' (age at MMR vaccine), 'sex' (coded 1 for males, 2 for females), 'type' (coded 1 for non-febrile convulsion, 2 for febrile convulsion).


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