Man pages for SCORPIUS
Inferring Developmental Chronologies from Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data

draw_trajectory_heatmapDraw time-series heatmap
draw_trajectory_plotVisualise SCORPIUS
extract_modulesExtract modules of features
gene_importancesCalculate the importance of a feature
generate_datasetGenerate a synthetic dataset
ginhouxscRNA-seq data of dendritic cell progenitors.
infer_initial_trajectoryInfer an initial trajectory through space
infer_trajectoryInfer linear trajectory through space
reduce_dimensionalityDimensionality reduction
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reverse_trajectoryReverse a trajectory
SCORPIUS-packageSCORPIUS: Trajectory inference from single-cell RNA...
ti_scorpiusInfer a trajectory using SCORPIUS
ti_scorpius_run_funRun scorpius using the dynwrap pipeline
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