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The SDEFSR package provide a tool for read KEEL datasets and four evolutionary fuzzy rule-based algorithms for subgroup discovery.


The algorithms provided works with datasets in KEEL, ARFF or CSV format and also with data.frame objects.

The package also provide a Shiny app for making the same tasks that the package can do and can display some additional information about data for making an exploratory analysis.

The algorithms provided are Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems (EFS) which take advantages of evolutionary algorithms for maximize more than one quality measure and fuzzy logic, which makes a representation of numerical variables that are more understandable for humans and more robust to noise.

The algorithms in the SDEFSR package support target variable with more than two values. However, this target variables must be categorical. Thus, if you have a numeric target variable, a discretization must be perfomed before executing the method.

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Angel M. Garcia-Vico <[email protected]>

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