SDMTools: Species Distribution Modelling Tools: Tools for processing data associated with species distribution modelling exercises

This packages provides a set of tools for post processing the outcomes of species distribution modeling exercises. It includes novel methods for comparing models and tracking changes in distributions through time. It further includes methods for visualizing outcomes, selecting thresholds, calculating measures of accuracy and landscape fragmentation statistics, etc.. This package was made possible in part by financial support from the Australian Research Council & ARC Research Network for Earth System Science.

AuthorJeremy VanDerWal, Lorena Falconi, Stephanie Januchowski, Luke Shoo and Collin Storlie
Date of publication2014-08-05 12:16:01
MaintainerJeremy VanDerWal <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

accuracy: Measures of Model Accuracy

asc2dataframe: Ascii Grid Files to Dataframe and Dataframe to Ascii Grid...

asc.from.raster: Raster conversion functions for adehabitat, raster and sp...

auc: Area Under the Curve of the Reciever Operating Curve

circular.averaging: Circular Averaging based on Vector Averaging

ClassStat: Landscape Class Statistics

COGravity: Centre of Gravity or Mass calculations for spatial data

compare.matrix: Biplot Comparison of Matrices

confusion.matrix: Confusion Matrix

ConnCompLabel: Connected Components Labelling - Unique Patch Labelling

destination: Vincenty Direct Calculation of a Destination

distance: Vincenty Direct Calculation of Distance and Direction Spatial Join of Points with Raster Grids

getXYcoords: Computes the X and Y Coordinates of the Pixels of a Raster...

grid.area: Create a Grid of Cell Areas or Perimeters Grid Information from Geographic (lat lon) Projections

Istat: I Similarity Statistic for Quantifying Niche Overlap

Kappa: Kappa Statistic

lcmw: Least Cost Moving Windows Calculation

legend.gradient: Legend Gradient

omission: Measures of Accuracy

optim.thresh: Estimation of Optimal Threshold Values

PatchStat: Landscape Patch Statistics Point in Polygon Spatial Join of Points with Raster Grids - replace data Quick Map

read.asc: ESRI ASCII Raster File Import And Export

Scalebar: Scalebar for Projected Maps

SigDiff: Identify Regions of Significant Differences

slope: Slope and aspect calculations

wt.mean: Weighted mean, variance and standard deviation calculations

ZonalStat: Landscape Zonal Statistics

Files in this package

SDMTools/R/Istat.R SDMTools/R/grid.area.R SDMTools/R/compare.matrix.R SDMTools/R/asc2dataframe.R SDMTools/R/asc.from.raster.R SDMTools/R/getXYcoords.R SDMTools/R/optim.thresh.R
SDMTools/R/ClassStat.R SDMTools/R/ SDMTools/R/Scalebar.R SDMTools/R/confusion.matrix.R SDMTools/R/circular.averaging.R SDMTools/R/slope.R SDMTools/R/destination.R SDMTools/R/COGravity.R SDMTools/R/ZonalStat.R SDMTools/R/omission.R SDMTools/R/ SDMTools/R/SigDiff.R SDMTools/R/ConnCompLabel.R SDMTools/R/ SDMTools/R/Kappa.R
SDMTools/R/wt.mean.R SDMTools/R/read.asc.R SDMTools/R/accuracy.R SDMTools/R/auc.R SDMTools/R/lcmw.R SDMTools/R/distance.R SDMTools/R/ SDMTools/R/PatchStat.R
SDMTools/man/SigDiff.Rd SDMTools/man/omission.Rd SDMTools/man/accuracy.Rd SDMTools/man/legend.gradient.Rd SDMTools/man/ZonalStat.Rd SDMTools/man/lcmw.Rd SDMTools/man/compare.matrix.Rd SDMTools/man/COGravity.Rd SDMTools/man/wt.mean.Rd SDMTools/man/distance.Rd SDMTools/man/auc.Rd SDMTools/man/read.asc.Rd SDMTools/man/Scalebar.Rd SDMTools/man/circular.averaging.Rd SDMTools/man/ SDMTools/man/asc.from.raster.Rd SDMTools/man/ SDMTools/man/ClassStat.Rd SDMTools/man/confusion.matrix.Rd SDMTools/man/ SDMTools/man/optim.thresh.Rd SDMTools/man/ConnCompLabel.Rd SDMTools/man/Kappa.Rd SDMTools/man/grid.area.Rd SDMTools/man/PatchStat.Rd SDMTools/man/ SDMTools/man/getXYcoords.Rd SDMTools/man/Istat.Rd SDMTools/man/ SDMTools/man/slope.Rd SDMTools/man/destination.Rd SDMTools/man/asc2dataframe.Rd

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