Man pages for SDMTools
Species Distribution Modelling Tools: Tools for processing data associated with species distribution modelling exercises

accuracyMeasures of Model Accuracy
asc2dataframeAscii Grid Files to Dataframe and Dataframe to Ascii Grid...
asc.from.rasterRaster conversion functions for adehabitat, raster and sp...
aucArea Under the Curve of the Reciever Operating Curve
circular.averagingCircular Averaging based on Vector Averaging
ClassStatLandscape Class Statistics
COGravityCentre of Gravity or Mass calculations for spatial data
compare.matrixBiplot Comparison of Matrices
confusion.matrixConfusion Matrix
ConnCompLabelConnected Components Labelling - Unique Patch Labelling
destinationVincenty Direct Calculation of a Destination
distanceVincenty Direct Calculation of Distance and Direction
extract.dataSpatial Join of Points with Raster Grids
getXYcoordsComputes the X and Y Coordinates of the Pixels of a Raster...
grid.areaCreate a Grid of Cell Areas or Perimeters
grid.infoGrid Information from Geographic (lat lon) Projections
IstatI Similarity Statistic for Quantifying Niche Overlap
KappaKappa Statistic
lcmwLeast Cost Moving Windows Calculation
legend.gradientLegend Gradient
omissionMeasures of Accuracy
optim.threshEstimation of Optimal Threshold Values
PatchStatLandscape Patch Statistics in Polygon
put.dataSpatial Join of Points with Raster Grids - replace data
quick.mapQuick Map
read.ascESRI ASCII Raster File Import And Export
ScalebarScalebar for Projected Maps
SigDiffIdentify Regions of Significant Differences
slopeSlope and aspect calculations
wt.meanWeighted mean, variance and standard deviation calculations
ZonalStatLandscape Zonal Statistics
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