Man pages for SEMModComp
Model Comparisons for SEM

ChiSquaredLRTestConduct Chi-Squared Likelihood Ratio Test for Mean and...
cigandalc.datRaw data on cigarette and alcohol use
model.A.cov.matrixModel A's model-implied covariance matrix
model.A.dfModel A's degrees of freedom
model.A.mean.vectorModel A's model-implied mean vector
model.B.cov.matrixModel B's model-implied covariance matrix
model.B.dfModel B's degrees of freedom
model.B.mean.vectorModel B's model-implied mean vector
model.C.cov.matrixModel C's model-implied covariance matrix
model.C.dfModel C's degrees of freedom
model.C.mean.vectorModel C's model-implied mean vector
NormalTheoryLRTestConduct Normal Theory Likelihood Ratio Test for Mean and...
ReadSymMatrixFromTriangleRead in a symmetric matrix from a data file containing the...
SEMModComp-packageConduct tests of difference in fit for mean and covariance...
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