cigandalc.dat: Raw data on cigarette and alcohol use

Description Usage Format Source References


Values from 1204 subjects on 8 variables related to cigarette and alcohol use




A data frame with 1204 observations on 8 variables.


Bentler, P. M. (2004). EQS 6 structural equations program manual. Encino, CA: Multivariate Software.


Data originally collected by Duncan, T. E., Duncan, S. C., Alpert, A., Hops, H., Stoolmiller, M., & Muthén, B. (1997). Latent variable modeling of longitudinal and multilevel substance use data. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 32, 275-318. For its use in the illustration see also Levy, R., & Hancock, G. R. (2007). A framework of statistical tests for comparing mean and covariance structure models. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 42, 33-36.

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