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A Tool for Sensitivity Analysis in Structural Equation Modeling


This package is to help researchers perform and report sensitivity analysis in structural equation modeling using a phantom variable approach proposed by Harring, McNeish, & Hancock, (2017). The specific reference is Leite, W., & Shen, Z., Marcoulides, K., Fish, C., & Harring, J. (in press). Using ant colony optimization for sensitivity analysis in structural equation modeling. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal.


The package covers sensitivity analysis using ant colony optimization and other meta-heuristic optimization methods (in development) to automatically search a phantom variable, if there is any, that meets the optimization function. The current package includes three main functions and they are function that generates sensitivity parameters ( running in background for the function), function that performs sensitivity analysis, and sens.tables function that summarizes sensitivity analysis results,


Walter Leite, Zuchao Shen

Maintainer: Walter Leite (University of Florida)

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