Man pages for SGCS
Spatial Graph Based Clustering Summaries for Spatial Point Patterns

arcsCompute the boundary of disks
bounding_box_xyCompute the bounding window from coordinates
clustfunClustering function
clustfun_denominatorEstimate the denominator of clustering function
confunConnectivity function and cumulative connectivity function.
default_rDefault range vector
edge_distanceDistances to observation window edge
internalise_ppConvert input to SGCS internal point pattern data
internal_to_pppData to spatstat format
KfunRipley's K-function
morphoAreaMorphologicals: Relative area fraction of diluted pattern
morphoEulerMorphologicals: Euler number of dilated pattern
morphoLengthMorphologicals: Relative boundary length of diluted pattern
pairwise_distancespairwise distances
RfunClustering function versio 2
SGCSSGCS: Spatial Graph based Clustering Summaries
TfunTriplet intensity function
translation_weightsTranslation weights Compute the translation edge correction...
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