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Subnetwork Integration for Multi-Modal Signatures

calculate.meta.survivalFit a meta-analytic Cox proportional hazards model to a... Cox statistics for input dataset
calculate.sensitivity.statsComputes sensitivity measures
create.classifier.multivariateTrains and tests a multivariate survival model
create.classifier.univariateTrains and tests a univariate (per subnetwork module)...
create.KM.plotPlots Kaplan-meier survival curve for a given risk grouping &...
create.sensitivity.plotPlots sensitivity analysis for class label dichotomization at...
create.survivalplotsPlots Kaplan-meier survival curves
create.survobjUtility function for loading meta-analysis lists univariate features from pathway-derived networks
dichotomize.datasetDichotomize a single dataset
dichotomize.meta.datasetDichotomize and unlist a meta-analysis list
fit.coxmodelFit a Cox proportional hazards model
fit.interaction.modelCox model two features separately and together
fit.survivalmodelTrains a multivariate survival model
get.adjacency.matrixA utility function to convert tab delimited networks file...
get.chisq.statsApplies survdiff function
get.program.defaultsA utility function to return the inst/ directory of the...
load.cancer.datasetsLoad all cancer meta-analysis datasets
make.matrixUtility function used by 'get.adjacency.matrix()'
pred.survivalmodelApply a multivariate survival model to validation datasets training and validation datasets
SIMMSSIMMS - Subnetwork Integration for Multi-Modal Signatures
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