Man pages for SNscan
Scan Statistics in Social Networks

binom.statBinomial Scan Statistic
bookBooks about US politics
coauthorCo-Authorship Data
conpowerlaw.statContinuous Power-Law Scan Statistic
graph.rmedgeRandom Graph with Expected Edges
group.graphGenerate igraph Objects with Different Connection...
karateKarate Club Data
mcpv.functionMonte Carlo p-value
multinom.statMultinomial Scan Statistic Carlo scan statistic in social network
network.scanNetwork Scan Statistic
norm.statNormal Scan Statistic
pois.statThe Poisson Scan Statistic
powerlaw.statDiscrete Power-Law Scan Statistic
rmulti.oneGenerate Random (0, 1) Multinomial Data
SNscan-packageScan Statistics in Social Networks
structure.statThe Structure Scan Statistic
stubs.samplingGenerate Random Graph
usagUSA Poverty Data
zetatableZeta Function Table
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