SPREDA: Statistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis

The Statistical Package for REliability Data Analysis (SPREDA) implements recently-developed statistical methods for the analysis of reliability data. Modern technological developments, such as sensors and smart chips, allow us to dynamically track product/system usage as well as other environmental variables, such as temperature and humidity. We refer to these variables as dynamic covariates. The package contains functions for the analysis of time-to-event data with dynamic covariates and degradation data with dynamic covariates. The package also contains functions that can be used for analyzing time-to-event data with right censoring, and with left truncation and right censoring. Financial support from NSF and DuPont are acknowledged.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorYili Hong, Yimeng Xie, and Zhibing Xu
Date of publication2014-09-25 17:44:48
MaintainerYili Hong <yilihong@vt.edu>

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ce.dat.prep Man page
clme Man page
cls Man page
Coatingenv Man page
Coatingout Man page
coef.deglmx.MLE Man page
coefinitial.ftn Man page
coef.Lifedata.MLE Man page
data.pre.fun Man page
deglmx Man page
dlev Man page
dsev Man page
getCov Man page
getnames Man page
getRanName Man page
i.spline.x Man page
kaplan.meier.location Man page
Lifedata.MLE Man page
lifetime.mle Man page
logLik.Lifedata.MLE Man page
match.dat.fun Man page
MIC.splines.basis Man page
miniusloglik.ce.xt.lev Man page
miniusloglik.ce.xt.logis Man page
miniusloglik.ce.xt.norm Man page
miniusloglik.ce.xt.sev Man page
miniusloglik.lev.wts Man page
miniusloglik.logis.wts Man page
miniusloglik.normal.wts Man page
miniusloglik.sev Man page
miniusloglik.sev.wts Man page
minus.loglik.lme Man page
minus.log.lik.nlme Man page
mle.obj.to.fit.obj Man page
m.spline.x Man page
optim.ftn.2 Man page
optim.step1.2 Man page
optim.step2.2 Man page
plev Man page
plotdeglmx Man page
plot.MICsplines Man page
print.deglmx Man page
print.Lifedata.MLE Man page
print.summary.Lifedata.MLE Man page
Prod2.fai.dat Man page
Prod2.xt.dat Man page
psev Man page
Px Man page
qlev Man page
qsev Man page
rlev Man page
rsev Man page
shock Man page
SPREDA Man page
SPREDA-package Man page
sqrt.mat Man page
summary.Lifedata.MLE Man page
testdata Man page
xmat.obj.to.xmat Man page
xmat.to.cumsum Man page

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