Man pages for SPREDA
Statistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis

ce.dat.prepCreate an object for cumulative exposure
clsMixed primal-dual bases algorithm for estimation of...
CoatingenvDynamic covariates for the coating data.
CoatingoutDynamic covariates for coating data
deglmxFunctions for estimating parameters in the linear/nonlinear...
i.spline.xi_spline basis
kaplan.meier.locationKaplan-Meier Location
lifedata.MLEParametric Fitting for Lifetime Data
lifetime.mleCalculate MLE for Lifetime Distribution
MIC.splines.basisSplines basis functions
m.spline.xM_splines basis
plevThe Standard Largest Extreme Value Distribution
plotdeglmxPlot function for the class of "deglmx".
Prod2.fai.datDataset of failure information of Product 2.
Prod2.xt.datDataset of covariate information of Produce 2.
psevThe Standard Smallest Extreme Value Distribution
shockShock Absorber Failure Data
SPREDA-packageStatistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis
summary.Lifedata.MLESummaries of "Lifedata.MLE" Object
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