SSDforR: Functions to Analyze Single System Data

Functions to visually and statistically analyze single system data.

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AuthorCharles Auerbach [aut, cre], Wendy Zeitlin [aut]
Date of publication2017-03-17 07:24:11 UTC
MaintainerCharles Auerbach <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ABanova: Analysis of variance

ABarrow: Draw arrow on graph

ABautoacf: Autocorrelation at any lag for a phase

ABautopacf: Partial autocorrelation

ABbinomial: Binomial test

ABdescrip: Descriptive Statistics

ABiqr: Interquartile band graph through all phases

ABlineD: Add dashed line to a graph

ABlines: Draw line

ABma: Moving average

ABplot: Simple line graph

ABplotm: Multiple line plot

ABregres: OLS regression to compare phases

ABrf2: Lag-1 autocorrelation (rf2 for small sample size)

ABrobust: Robust regression

ABstat: Add statistic line(s)

ABtext: Add text to graph

ABtsplot: Time series plot for SSD Data

ABttest: T-test comparing phases

ABWilcox: Wilcoxon rank-sum test between two phases

Append: Append data sets with additional data

Aregres: Regression for single phase

Arimadiff: Difference for ARIMA

Arimama: Moving average for ARIMA

Arobust: Robust regression for a single phase

Cchart: SPC C-chart

diffchart: Difference transformation

Effectsize: Effect size

GABrf2: Autocorrelation for group data

GABttest: T-test for group data

Getcsv: Import .csv file

Gindex: G-index

Gline: Draw Goal line

Gmedian: Median line for group data

IQRbandgraph: Interquartile band graph for one phase

IQRlegend: IQR legend

IQRline: IQR line for ABplot

meanES: Mean Effect Size

PANDlegend: PAND legend

Pchart: SPC P-chart

PEMabove: PEM - desired values above the reference line

PEMbelow: PEM - desired values below the reference line

plotnum: Set graphic environment

PNDbelow: PND - desired values below the reference line

PNDlegend: PND legend

Rchart: SPC R-chart using mean range

Rchartsd: SPC R-chart using standard deviation

regabove: Chi-square - desired values above regression line

regbelow: Chi-square - desired values below regression line

robregabove: Chi-square - desired values above robust regression line

robregbelow: Chi-square - desired values below robust regression line

robustCDCabove: Robust Conservative Dual Criteria (CDC) using robust...

robustCDCbelow: Robust Conservative Dual Criteria (CDC) using robust...

Savecsv: Save data file

SD1: 1-standard deviation band graph

SD1legend: SD1 legend

SD2: 2-standard deviation band graph

SD2legend: SD2 legend

SDAband: Adds standard deviation bands to an ABplot

SN: Scientific notation

SPClegend: SPC legend

SPCline: Draw line on Rchartsd Rchart

SSDforR: List of all functions in SSD for R

trimabove: Chi-square - desired values above the trimmed mean

trimbelow: Chi-square - desired values below the trimmed mean

Trimline: Trimmed mean line added to ABplot

Xmrchart: SPC XMR-chart

XRchart: SPC XR-Chart


ABanova Man page
ABarrow Man page
ABautoacf Man page
ABautopacf Man page
ABbinomial Man page
ABdescrip Man page
ABiqr Man page
ABlineD Man page
ABlines Man page
ABma Man page
ABplot Man page
ABplotm Man page
ABregres Man page
ABrf2 Man page
ABrobust Man page
ABstat Man page
ABtext Man page
ABtsplot Man page
ABttest Man page
ABWilcox Man page
Append Man page
Aregres Man page
Arimadiff Man page
Arimama Man page
Arobust Man page
Cchart Man page
diffchart Man page
Effectsize Man page
GABrf2 Man page
GABttest Man page
Getcsv Man page
Gindex Man page
Gline Man page
Gmedian Man page
IQRbandgraph Man page
IQRlegend Man page
IQRline Man page
meanES Man page
PANDlegend Man page
Pchart Man page
PEMabove Man page
PEMbelow Man page
plotnum Man page
PNDbelow Man page
PNDlegend Man page
Rchart Man page
Rchartsd Man page
regabove Man page
regbelow Man page
robregabove Man page
robregbelow Man page
RobustCDCabove Man page
RobustCDCbelow Man page
Savecsv Man page
SD1 Man page
SD1legend Man page
SD2 Man page
SD2legend Man page
SDAband Man page
SN Man page
SPClegend Man page
SPCline Man page
SSDforR Man page
trimabove Man page
trimbelow Man page
Trimline Man page
Xmrchart Man page
XRchart Man page


R/PEMlegend.R R/PANDabove.R R/getcsv.r R/PNDbelow.R R/ABplotm.R R/Trimline.R R/Effectsize.R R/robregabove.R R/sd1bandgraph.R R/ABbinomial.R R/ABttest.R R/trimabove.R R/Arimama.R R/ABregres.R R/ABtext.R R/IQRline.R R/IRD.R R/PANDlegend.R R/Gmedian.R R/IQRbandgraph.R R/GABrf2.R R/SD1.R R/PANDbelow.R R/SD1legend.R R/Cchart.R R/CDCbelow.R R/PEMbelow.R R/ABstat.R R/XRchart.R R/ABrobust.R R/medabove.R R/regbelow.R R/ABrf2.R R/SD2legend.R R/sd2bandgraph.R R/ABdescrip.R R/ABautopacf.R R/SN.R R/insert.R R/SDAband.R R/Append.R R/Pchart.R R/Rchartsd.R R/Arimadiff.R R/meanabove.R R/ABlines.R R/medbelow.R R/Gindex.R R/meanbelow.R R/SSDforR.R R/ABlineD.R R/IQRlegend.R R/RobustCDCbelow.R R/ABanova.R R/trimbelow.R R/Xmrchart.R R/abarrow.r R/RobustCDCabove.R R/Aregres.R R/SD2.R R/GABttest.R R/PEMabove.R R/SPCline.R R/diffchart.R R/regabove.R R/Arobust.R R/robregbelow.R R/Savecsv.R R/ABtsplot.R R/ABma.R R/ABWilcox.R R/meanES.R R/PNDabove.R R/PNDlegend.R R/CDCabove.R R/listnames.R R/SPClegend.R R/plotnum.R R/Rchart.R R/ABautoacf.R R/ABiqr.R R/ABplot.R R/Gline.R
man/ABplotm.Rd man/robustCDCbelow.Rd man/Pchart.Rd man/SDAband.Rd man/Gindex.Rd man/ABlines.Rd man/regabove.Rd man/ABttest.Rd man/IQRlegend.Rd man/plotnum.Rd man/SPClegend.Rd man/diffchart.Rd man/ABbinomial.Rd
man/GABrf2.Rd man/ABautopacf.Rd man/SD1legend.Rd man/trimbelow.Rd man/SPCline.Rd man/Arimadiff.Rd man/Arobust.Rd
man/Trimline.Rd man/ABstat.Rd
man/PNDlegend.Rd man/ABtsplot.Rd man/Getcsv.Rd man/Cchart.Rd man/SN.Rd man/ABma.Rd man/Gmedian.Rd man/SD1.Rd man/ABplot.Rd man/IQRline.Rd man/meanES.Rd man/XRchart.Rd
man/GABttest.Rd man/PEMabove.Rd man/ABregres.Rd man/robregabove.Rd man/PNDbelow.Rd man/ABrf2.Rd
man/Xmrchart.Rd man/ABanova.Rd man/SSDforR.Rd man/ABautoacf.Rd
man/ABtext.Rd man/robregbelow.Rd man/Rchartsd.Rd man/IQRbandgraph.Rd man/ABlineD.Rd
man/ABrobust.Rd man/PANDlegend.Rd man/Aregres.Rd man/Gline.Rd man/SD2.Rd man/Arimama.Rd man/ABdescrip.Rd man/ABiqr.Rd
man/ABarrow.Rd man/Append.Rd man/PEMbelow.Rd
man/SD2legend.Rd man/ABWilcox.Rd man/regbelow.Rd man/Rchart.Rd man/Effectsize.Rd

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