Man pages for SSDforR
Functions to Analyze Single System Data

ABanovaAnalysis of variance
ABarrowDraw arrow on graph
ABautoacfAutocorrelation at any lag for a phase
ABautopacfPartial autocorrelation
ABbinomialBinomial test
ABdescripDescriptive Statistics
ABiqrInterquartile band graph through all phases
ABlineDAdd dashed line to a graph
ABlinesDraw line
ABmaMoving average
ABplotSimple line graph
ABplotmMultiple line plot
ABregresOLS regression to compare phases
ABrf2Lag-1 autocorrelation (rf2 for small sample size)
ABrobustRobust regression
ABstatAdd statistic line(s)
ABtextAdd text to graph
ABtsplotTime series plot for SSD Data
ABttestT-test comparing phases
ABWilcoxWilcoxon rank-sum test between two phases
AppendAppend data sets with additional data
AregresRegression for single phase
ArimadiffDifference for ARIMA
ArimamaMoving average for ARIMA
ArobustRobust regression for a single phase
CchartSPC C-chart
cdcaboveConservative Dual Criteria (CDC) desired zone above lines
cdcbelowConservative Dual Criteria (CDC) desired zone below lines
diffchartDifference transformation
EffectsizeEffect size
GABrf2Autocorrelation for group data
GABttestT-test for group data
GetcsvImport .csv file
GlineDraw Goal line
GmedianMedian line for group data
IQRbandgraphInterquartile band graph for one phase
IQRlegendIQR legend
IQRlineIQR line for ABplot
irdImprovement Rate Difference (IRD) calculation and line
listnamesList variable names
meanaboveChi-square - desired values above the mean
meanbelowChi-square - desired values below the mean
meanESMean Effect Size
medaboveChi-square - desired values above the median
medbelowChi-square - desired values below the median
metaregMeta Regression
pandabovePAND - desired values above the reference line
pandbelowPAND - desired values below the reference line
PANDlegendPAND legend
PchartSPC P-chart
PEMabovePEM - desired values above the reference line
PEMbelowPEM - desired values below the reference line
pemlegendPEM legend
plotnumSet graphic environment
pndabovePND - desired values above the reference line
PNDbelowPND - desired values below the reference line
PNDlegendPND legend
RchartSPC R-chart using mean range
RchartsdSPC R-chart using standard deviation
regaboveChi-square - desired values above regression line
regbelowChi-square - desired values below regression line
robregaboveChi-square - desired values above robust regression line
robregbelowChi-square - desired values below robust regression line
robustCDCaboveRobust Conservative Dual Criteria (CDC) using robust...
robustCDCbelowRobust Conservative Dual Criteria (CDC) using robust...
SavecsvSave data file
SD11-standard deviation band graph
sd1bandgraph1-standard deviation band graph for one phase
SD1legendSD1 legend
SD22-standard deviation band graph
sd2bandgraph2-standard deviation band graph for one phase
SD2legendSD2 legend
SDAbandAdds standard deviation bands to an ABplot
SNScientific notation
SPClegendSPC legend
SPClineDraw line on Rchartsd Rchart
SSDforRList of all functions in SSD for R
trimaboveChi-square - desired values above the trimmed mean
trimbelowChi-square - desired values below the trimmed mean
TrimlineTrimmed mean line added to ABplot
XmrchartSPC XMR-chart
XRchartSPC XR-Chart
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