SWMPr: Retrieving, Organizing, and Analyzing Estuary Monitoring Data

Tools for retrieving, organizing, and analyzing environmental data from the System Wide Monitoring Program of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System <http://cdmo.baruch.sc.edu/>. These tools address common challenges associated with continuous time series data for environmental decision making.

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AuthorMarcus W. Beck [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-11-08 00:41:23
MaintainerMarcus W. Beck <mbafs2012@gmail.com>

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Man pages

aggremetab: Aggregate metabolism data

aggreswmp: Aggregate swmpr data

all_params: Import current station records from the CDMO

all_params_dtrng: Get CDMO records within a date range

apacpnut: Example nutrient data for Apalachicola Bay Cat Point station.

apacpwq: Example water quality data for Apalachicola Bay Cat Point...

apadbwq: Example water quality data for Apalachicola Bay Dry Bar...

apaebmet: Example weather data for Apalachicola Bay East Bay station.

calckl: Calculate oxygen mass transfer coefficient

comb: Combine swmpr data

decomp: Simple trend decomposition

decomp_cj: Simple trend decomposition of monthly swmpr data

decompTs: Decompose a time series

ecometab: Ecosystem metabolism

gradcols: Get colors for plots

hist.swmpr: Plot swmpr using a histogram

import_local: Import local CDMO data

map_reserve: Map a reserve

metab_day: Identify metabolic days in a time series

na.approx.swmpr: Linearly interpolate gaps

overplot: Plot multiple SWMP time series on the same y-axis

oxySol: Dissolved oxygen at saturation

param_names: Get parameters of a given type

parser: Parse web results for swmpr

plot_metab: Plot ecosystem metabolism for a swmpr object

plot_summary: Plot graphical summaries of SWMP data

plot.swmpr: Plot swmpr data

plot_wind: Create a wind rose

qaqc: QAQC filtering for SWMP data

qaqcchk: Summary of QAQC flags in SWMP data

rem_reps: Remove replicates in nutrient data

setstep: Format a swmpr time vector

single_param: Get CDMO records for a single parameter

site_codes: Obtain metadata for all stations

site_codes_ind: Obtain metadata for a single reserve

smoother: Smooth swmpr data

stat_locs: Locations of NERRS sites

subset.swmpr: Subset a swmpr object

swmpr: Create a swmpr object

time_vec: Format SWMP datetimestamp


aggremetab Man page
aggremetab.swmpr Man page
aggreswmp Man page
aggreswmp.swmpr Man page
all_params Man page
all_params_dtrng Man page
apacpnut Man page
apacpwq Man page
apadbwq Man page
apaebmet Man page
calckl Man page
comb Man page
comb.default Man page
comb.swmpr Man page
decomp Man page
decomp_cj Man page
decomp_cj.default Man page
decomp_cj.swmpr Man page
decomp.default Man page
decomp.swmpr Man page
decompTs Man page
ecometab Man page
ecometab.default Man page
ecometab.swmpr Man page
gradcols Man page
hist.swmpr Man page
import_local Man page
lines.swmpr Man page
map_reserve Man page
metab_day Man page
metab_day.default Man page
na.approx.swmpr Man page
overplot Man page
overplot.default Man page
overplot.swmpr Man page
oxySol Man page
param_names Man page
parser Man page
plot_metab Man page
plot_metab.swmpr Man page
plot_summary Man page
plot_summary.swmpr Man page
plot.swmpr Man page
plot_wind Man page
plot_wind.swmpr Man page
qaqc Man page
qaqcchk Man page
qaqcchk.swmpr Man page
qaqc.swmpr Man page
rem_reps Man page
rem_reps.swmpr Man page
setstep Man page
setstep.default Man page
setstep.swmpr Man page
single_param Man page
site_codes Man page
site_codes_ind Man page
smoother Man page
smoother.default Man page
smoother.swmpr Man page
stat_locs Man page
subset.swmpr Man page
swmpr Man page
time_vec Man page

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