SWMPr: Retrieving, Organizing, and Analyzing Estuary Monitoring Data

Tools for retrieving, organizing, and analyzing environmental data from the System Wide Monitoring Program of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System <http://cdmo.baruch.sc.edu/>. These tools address common challenges associated with continuous time series data for environmental decision making.

AuthorMarcus W. Beck [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-11-08 00:41:23
MaintainerMarcus W. Beck <mbafs2012@gmail.com>

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Man pages

aggremetab: Aggregate metabolism data

aggreswmp: Aggregate swmpr data

all_params: Import current station records from the CDMO

all_params_dtrng: Get CDMO records within a date range

apacpnut: Example nutrient data for Apalachicola Bay Cat Point station.

apacpwq: Example water quality data for Apalachicola Bay Cat Point...

apadbwq: Example water quality data for Apalachicola Bay Dry Bar...

apaebmet: Example weather data for Apalachicola Bay East Bay station.

calckl: Calculate oxygen mass transfer coefficient

comb: Combine swmpr data

decomp: Simple trend decomposition

decomp_cj: Simple trend decomposition of monthly swmpr data

decompTs: Decompose a time series

ecometab: Ecosystem metabolism

gradcols: Get colors for plots

hist.swmpr: Plot swmpr using a histogram

import_local: Import local CDMO data

map_reserve: Map a reserve

metab_day: Identify metabolic days in a time series

na.approx.swmpr: Linearly interpolate gaps

overplot: Plot multiple SWMP time series on the same y-axis

oxySol: Dissolved oxygen at saturation

param_names: Get parameters of a given type

parser: Parse web results for swmpr

plot_metab: Plot ecosystem metabolism for a swmpr object

plot_summary: Plot graphical summaries of SWMP data

plot.swmpr: Plot swmpr data

plot_wind: Create a wind rose

qaqc: QAQC filtering for SWMP data

qaqcchk: Summary of QAQC flags in SWMP data

rem_reps: Remove replicates in nutrient data

setstep: Format a swmpr time vector

single_param: Get CDMO records for a single parameter

site_codes: Obtain metadata for all stations

site_codes_ind: Obtain metadata for a single reserve

smoother: Smooth swmpr data

stat_locs: Locations of NERRS sites

subset.swmpr: Subset a swmpr object

swmpr: Create a swmpr object

time_vec: Format SWMP datetimestamp

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