Man pages for SYNCSA
Analysis of Functional and Phylogenetic Patterns in Metacommunities

ADRSArtificial Data for Run SYNCSA
belongingDegree of belonging of species
cent.normMatrix centralization and standardization
CollectNamesCollect names an entire list
cor.matrixFunction to obtain the correlation between two matrices and...
flonaHypothetical data for SYNCSA
matmult.syncsaMatrix multiplication
matrix.pMatrix P
matrix.tMatrix T
matrix.xMatrix X
optimalSearching for optimal traits
organize.syncsaFunction for organize data for Package SYNCSA
part.corFirst-order partial correlation coefficient
pcaPrincipal Components Analysis (PCA) with NA (missing data)
permut.row.matrixPermutate rows in a matrix
permut.vectorPermutate a vector
procrustes.syncsaProcrustes and Partial Procrustes correlations.
ProgressBARText Progress Bar
rao.diversityRao's quadratic entropy
var.dummyGenerate dummy variable
var.typeCheck the type of variables
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