Man pages for SensoMineR
Sensory Data Analysis

analyse_holosAnalyse Holos data
ardiAutomatic Research of DIvergences between scores
averagetableComputes a (products,descriptors) matrix
barrowBarplot per row with respect to a set of quantitative...
bootSimulate virtual panels for several functions
boxprodBoxplot per category with respect to a categorical variable...
CA_JARMake a correspondence analysis on the JAR data
calculate.averageCalcul de moyenne
cartoPreference Mapping Techniques
cartoconsumerPreference Mapping Techniques and segmentation of consumers
chocolatesChocolates data
cocktailCocktail data
coltableColor the cells of a data frame according to 4 threshold...
compo.cocktailComposition of the cocktails data
ConsensualWordsConsensual words for Sorting Task data
ConsistencyIdealSensory and Hedonic consistency of the ideal data
construct.axesCoordinates of individuals and illustrative individuals for...
cpaConsumers' Preferences Analysis
cream_idCream Ideal Data
cream_signaData description of the consumers who made the Ideal for the...
decatDEscription of CATegories
fahstFactorial Approach for Hierarchical Sorting Task data
fasntFactorial Approach for Sorting Napping Task data
fastFactorial Approach for Sorting Task data
fcpFree choice profiling
format_holosFormat Holos data
graphinterGraphical display of the interaction between two qualitative...
hedochocChocolates hedonic scores
hedo.cocktailCocktails hedonic scores
histprodHistogram for each descriptor
hsortplotPlot consumers' hierarchical sorting
IdMapIdeal Mapping (IdMap)
IdMapConsumerIdeal Mapping by categories (IdMapConsumer)
indscalConstruct the Indscal model for Napping data type
interactEstimation of interaction coefficients
magicsortReturns a sorted data matrix
MultiIdealSingle vs. Multiple Ideal
nappeplotPlot panelists' tableclothe
nappesortplotPlot consumers' sorted tablecloth
nappingNapping data
napping.donAn example of Napping data
napping.wordsAn example of "illustrative" variables to enhance results...
optimaldesignConstruction of an optimal design
paneliperfPanelists' performance according to their capabilities to...
panellipseConfidence ellipses around products based on panelists...
panellipse.sessionRepetability of panelists descriptions studied by confidence...
panelmatchConfidence ellipses around products based on panel...
panelperfPanel's performance according to its capabilities to...
perfume_fcpPerfume data obtained by free choice profiling
perfume_idealPerfume Ideal Data
plotellipsePlot confidence ellipses
plot.fahstMake Factorial Approach for Hierarchical Sorting Task data...
plot.fasntMake Factorial Approach for Sorting Napping Task data (FASNT)...
plot.fastMake Factorial Approach for Sorting Task data (FAST) graphs
plot.IdMapPlot for the Ideal Mapping
plot.JARMake penalty graph
plot.WordCountAnaWord-Count based methods Analysis (WordCountAna) graphs
pmfaProcrustean Multiple Factor Analysis (PMFA)
print.fahstPrint Factorial Approach for Hierarchical Sorting Task data...
print.fasntPrint Factorial Approach for Sorting Napping Task data...
print.fastPrint Factorial Approach for Sorting Task data (FAST) results
scalebypanelistScale by panelist
search.descSearch for discriminating descriptors
sensochocSensory data for 6 chocolates
senso.cocktailSensory data for 16 cocktails
sensopanelsSensory profiles given by 7 panels
simulationSimulate virtual panels
triangle.designConstruct a design for triangle tests
triangle.pair.testMake a Triangle test for two products
triangle.testMake a Triangle test for a set of products
videosVideos data obtained with Holos
WilliamsDesignConstruct a Williams design
WordCountAnaWord-Count based methods Analysis (WordCountAna)
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