ShapePattern-package: Tools for Analyzing Planar Shape and Associated Patterns

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An evolving and growing collection of tools for the quantification, assessment, and comparison of planar shape and pattern. The current flagship functionality is in the spatial decomposition of planar shapes using 'ShrinkShape' to incrementally shrink shapes to extinction while computing area, perimeter, and number of parts at each iteration of shrinking. The spectra of results are returned in graphic and tabular formats. Additional utility tools for handling data are provided and this package will be added to as more tools are created, cleaned-up, and documented.


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Perform ShrinkShape, a spatial decomposition by iterative shrinking of planar shapes (ploygons).


Tarmo K. Remmel

Maintainer: Tarmo K. Remmel <[email protected]>


Remmel, T.K. 2015. ShrinkShape2: a FOSS toolbox for computing rotation-invariant shape spectra for characterizing and comparing polygons. The Canadian Geographer 59(4):532-547.


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