Man pages for SiMRiv
Simulating Multistate Movements in River/Heterogeneous Landscapes

adjustModelFinds ("estimates") simulation input parameters able to...
Arith-methodsShortcuts for defining species movement states
binCountsCount values in given bins
generationPlotPlots input parameter optimization results
perceptualRangeDefine a perceptual range
resistanceFromShapeBuild resistance raster by combining shapefiles
riverSample River Network in Raster Format
sampleMovementResample a simulated movement and compute step-wise...
SiMRiv-packageSimulating Multistate Movements in River/Heterogeneous...
simulateSimulate movements in river networks, homogeneous, or...
speciesCreate a species
speciesModelDefines a species model to adjust to a real trajectory
stateDefine a movement state
transitionMatrixDefine a state transition matrix
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