ex0321: Umpire Life Lengths

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Researchers collected historical and current data on umpires to investigate their life expectancies following the collapse and death of a U.S. major league baseball umpire. They were investigating speculation that stress associated with the job posed a health risk. Data were found on 227 umpires who had died or had retired and were still living. The data set includes the dates of birth and death.




A data frame with 227 observations on the following 3 variables.


observed lifetime for those umpires who had died by the time of the study or current age of those still living


0 for those who had died by the time of the study or 1 for those who were still living


length from actuarial life tables for individuals who were alive at the time the person first became an umpire


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Cohen, R.S., Kamps, C.A., Kokoska, S., Segal E.M. and Tucker, J.B.(2000). Life Expectancy of Major League Baseball Umpires, The Physician and Sportsmedicine 28(5): 83–89.



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