Man pages for SmallCountRounding
Small Count Rounding of Tabular Data

aggrtabfunction aggrtab
FindMaxDiffCalculate maxdiff nMaxdiff
HDutilityHellinger Distance (Utility)
Lists2formulaMake formula from input parameters to makeroundtabs()
MakeControlMake suggested control - input to makeroundtabs()
makeroundtabsfunction makeroundtabs
ModelMatrixOverparameterized model matrix
PLS2wayTwo-way table from PLSrounding output
PLSroundingPLS inspired rounding
print.PLSroundedPrint method for PLSrounded
redcubefunction redcube
Round2Small count rounding by various methods
roundcubefunction roundcube
RoundViaDummySmall Count Rounding of Tabular Data
SmallCountDataFunction that returns a dataset
SmallCountRounding-packageSmall Count Rounding of Tabular Data
sosialFiktivFictitious datasets used in the examples.
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