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This function produces a reduced small count frequency hypercube for rounding.


redcube(A, d, b = 3, micro = TRUE, nin = "n")



A data frame representing a micro dataset or a frequency count hypercube. The (first) columns define the variables. If A is a hypercube the last column contains the number of units in each cell. If A is a micro dataset it is reduced to hypercube by the function aggrtab.


A list d[[j]] whose elements are vectors of variable names from A defining marginal tables/cubes D of A that we are interested in.


Rounding base. Counts in A less than b tat are contributing to counts less than b in the marginal cubes D are selected from A. The selected dataframe is called B


Logical. TRUE if A is a micro dataset (default). FALSE if A i a frequency count hypercube.


Name of count variable if A is a hypercube. Default name: "n".


A: The input dataframe reduced to a hypercube.

B: The dataframe of small count rows selected from A.

C: The dataframe of rows in A that are nor selected from A.

D: The cubes defined by d.

Dr: The small counts (<b) in D.

The input elements d, b and nin


Johan Heldal, November 2017

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