pointsPolylineD: closest points in a polyline to a set of points

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closest points in a polyline to a set of points


pointsPolylineD returns a list with a number of components from a points to polyline analysis


pointsPolylineD(xy, xyp)



n x 2 [x,y] matrix defining the polyline


p x 2 [x,y] matrix with a point set


pointsPolylineD conducts a detailed points to polyline distance analysis. First the distance from the set of points to the lines defined by every single segment in the polyline is obtained by succesive calls to pointLineD, then the distance to every single node in the polyline are also obtained. The lower distance is chosen.


A data.frame with the columns: inode is the index of the first node in the closest segment to each point, x0 and y0 are the corresponding coordinates of those nodes, xc and yc are the coordinates of the point in the polyline closest to each point in xyp, these may be but are not necessarily one the polyline nodes, dis it the distance from each point tho the polyline, chain0 is the chainage of x0,y0 with the polyline, and dc is the differential chainage from xc,yc to x0,y0

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