Man pages for SpatialPosition
Spatial Position Models

CreateDistMatrixCreate a Distance Matrix Between Two Spatial Objects
CreateGridCreate a Regularly Spaced Points Grid
hospitalPublic Hospitals
huffHuff Catchment Areas
isopolyCreate Spatial Polygons Contours from a Raster
mcStewartStewart Potentials Parallel
parisParis Polygon
plotHuffPlot a Huff Raster
plotReillyPlot a Reilly Raster
plotStewartPlot a Stewart Raster
quickStewartCreate Polygons of Potentials Contours
rasterHuffCreate a Raster from a Huff SpatialPointsDataFrame
rasterReillyCreate a Raster from a Reilly Regular Grid
rasterStewartCreate a Raster from a Stewart Regular Grid
rasterToContourPolyCreate a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame from a Raster
reillyReilly Catchment Areas
smoothyStewart Smooth
SpatialPositionSpatial Position Package
spatMaskParis Perimeter
spatPtsPublic Hospitals
spatUnitsSpatial Units of Paris
stewartStewart Potentials
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