SpatialPosition: Spatial Position Package

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Computes spatial position models:

An introduction to the package conceptual background and usage:
- vignette(topic = "SpatialPosition")
A Stewart potentials use case:
- vignette(topic = "StewartExample").


COMMENGES H., GIRAUD, T., LAMBERT, N. (2016) "ESPON FIT: Functional Indicators for Spatial-Aware Policy-Making", Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization, 51(3): 127-136.

See Also

stewart, rasterStewart, plotStewart, quickStewart, mcStewart, smoothy, rasterToContourPoly, huff, rasterHuff, plotHuff, reilly, rasterReilly, plotReilly, CreateGrid, CreateDistMatrix.

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