SpatialVx: Spatial Forecast Verification

Spatial forecast verification arose from verifying high-resolution forecasts, where coarser-resolution models generally are favored even when a human forecaster finds the higher-resolution model to be considerably better. Most newly proposed methods, which largely come from image analysis, computer vision, and similar, are available, with more on the way.

AuthorEric Gilleland <>
Date of publication2017-03-02 08:09:21
MaintainerEric Gilleland <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abserrloss: Loss functions for the spatial prediction comparison test...

Aindex: Area Index

bearing: Bearing from One Spatial Location to Another

centdist: Centroid Distance Between Two Identified Objects

Cindex: Connectivity Index

clusterer: Cluster Analysis Verification

combiner: Combine Features/Matched Objects

compositer: Create Composite Features

craer: Contiguous Rain Area

CSIsamples: Forecast Verification with Cluster Analysis: The Variation

datasets: Spatial Forecast Verification Methods Inter-Comparison...

deltamm: Merge and/or Match Identified Features Within Two Fields

disjointer: Identify Disjoint Sets of Connected Components

EBS: Elmore, Baldwin and Schultz Method for Field Significance for...

ExampleSpatialVxSet: Simulated Spatial Verification Set

expvg: Exponential Variogram

expvgram: Exponential Variogram

FeatureAxis: Major and Minor Axes of a Feature

FeatureFinder: Threshold-based Feature Finder

FeatureMatchAnalyzer: Analyze Features of a Verification Set

FeatureProps: Single Feature Properties

FeatureTable: Feature-Based Contingency Table

Fint2d: 2-d Interpolation

FQI: Forecast Quality Index

fss2dfun: Various Verification Statistics on Possibly...

fss2dPlot: Create Several Graphics for List Objects Returned from...

GeoBoxPlot: Geographic Box Plot

GFSNAMfcstEx: Example Verification Set

gmm2d: 2-d Gaussian Mixture Models Verification

griddedVgram: Variograms for a Gridded Verification Set

hiw: Spatial Forecast Verification Shape Analysis

hoods2d: Neighborhood Verification Statistics for a Gridded...

hoods2dPlot: Quilt Plot and a Matrix Plot.

hump: Simulated Forecast and Verification Fields

imomenter: Image Moments

interester: Feature Interest

locmeasures2d: Binary Image Measures

locperf: Localization Performance Measures

LocSig: Temporal Block Bootstrap Keeping Locations in Space Constant

lossdiff: Test for Equal Predictive Ability on Average Over a Regularly...

make.SpatialVx: Spatial Verification Sets - SpatialVx Object

MCdof: Monte Carlo Degrees of Freedom

MergeForce: Force Merges in Matched Feature Objects

metrV: Binary Location Metric Proposed in Zhu et al. (2011)

Mij: Raw Image Moments.

minboundmatch: Minimum Boundary Separation Feature Matching

OF: Optical Flow Verification

optflow: Optical Flow

pphindcast2d: Practically Perfect Hindcast Neighborhood Verification Method

rigider: Rigid Transformation

S1: S1 Score, Anomaly Correlation

saller: Feature-based Analysis of a Field (Image)

Sindex: Shape Index

spatbiasFS: Field Significance Method of Elmore et al. (2006)

SpatialVx-internal: Internal functions for the SpatialVx package

SpatialVx-package: Spatial Forecast Verification

spct: Spatial Prediction Comparison Test

structurogram: Structure Function for Non-Gridded Spatial Fields.

structurogram.matrix: Structure Function for Gridded Fields

surrogater2d: Create Surrogate Fields

thresholder: Apply a Threshold to a Field

UKobs6: Example Precipitation Rate Verification Set (NIMROD)

upscale2d: Upscaling Neighborhood Verification on a 2-d Verification Set

variographier: Variography Score

vxstats: Some Common Traditional Forecast Verification Statistics.

waveIS: Intensity Scale (IS) Verification

wavePurifyVx: Apply Traditional Forecast Verification After Wavelet...

waverify2d: High-Resolution Gridded Forecast Verification Using Discrete...


aaft2d Man page
abserrloss Man page
ACC Man page
ACC.default Man page
ACC.SpatialVx Man page
Aindex Man page
Aindex.default Man page
Aindex.SpatialVx Man page
ampstats Man page
bearing Man page
centdist Man page
centmatch Man page
ci.FeatureTable Man page Man page
Cindex Man page
Cindex.default Man page
Cindex.SpatialVx Man page
clusterer Man page
clusterer.default Man page
clusterer.SpatialVx Man page
combiner Man page
compositer Man page
compositer.combined Man page
compositer.features Man page
compositer.matched Man page
corrskill Man page
craer Man page
CSIsamples Man page
CSIsamples.default Man page
CSIsamples.SpatialVx Man page
datagrabber Man page
datagrabber.features Man page
datagrabber.matched Man page
datagrabber.SpatialVx Man page
deltamm Man page
detailer Man page
disjointer Man page
distill.FeatureComps Man page
distill.hiw Man page
distmapfun Man page
distmaploss Man page
distob Man page
EBS Man page
empiricalVG.lossdiff Man page
energizer Man page
ExampleSpatialVxSet Man page
expvg Man page
expvgram Man page
FeatureAxis Man page
FeatureComps Man page
FeatureFinder Man page
FeatureMatchAnalyzer Man page
FeatureMatchAnalyzer.matched Man page
FeatureMatchAnalyzer.matched.centmatch Man page
FeatureMatchAnalyzer.matched.deltamm Man page
FeatureProps Man page
FeatureTable Man page
fft2d Man page
Fint2d Man page
fisherz Man page
flossdiff Man page
FQI Man page
fss2dfun Man page
fss2dPlot Man page
fuzzyjoint2dfun Man page
GeoBoxPlot Man page
geom000 Man page
geom001 Man page
geom002 Man page
geom003 Man page
geom004 Man page
geom005 Man page
GFSNAMfcstEx Man page
GFSNAMlocEx Man page
GFSNAMobsEx Man page
gmm2d Man page
gmm2d.default Man page
gmm2d.SpatialVx Man page
gmmEMstep Man page
gmmNegLogLik Man page
grads1 Man page
grads2 Man page
griddedVgram Man page
hist.OF Man page
hist.SpatialVx Man page
hiw Man page
hoods2d Man page
hoods2dPlot Man page
hoods2dPrep Man page
hoods2dSetUpLists Man page
hump Man page
ICPg240Locs Man page
imomenter Man page Man page
imomenter.matrix Man page
initGMM Man page
inside Man page
interester Man page
is.sig Man page
KernelGradFUN Man page
LocListSetup Man page
locmeasures2d Man page
locmeasures2d.default Man page
locmeasures2dPrep Man page
locmeasures2d.SpatialVx Man page
locperf Man page
LocSig Man page
lossdiff Man page
lossdiff.default Man page
lossdiff.SpatialVx Man page
mae Man page
MakeClusterList Man page
makeEmptyWave Man page
make.SpatialVx Man page
makeWaveNames Man page
MCdof Man page
MergeForce Man page
MergeIdentifier Man page
metrV Man page
metrV.default Man page
metrV.SpatialVx Man page
Mij Man page
minboundmatch Man page
MinCvg2dfun Man page
mowaverify2d Man page
mowaverify2d.default Man page
mowaverify2d.SpatialVx Man page
multicon2dfun Man page
obs0426 Man page
obs0513 Man page
obs0514 Man page
obs0518 Man page
obs0519 Man page
obs0525 Man page
obs0601 Man page
obs0603 Man page
obs0604 Man page
OF Man page
OF.default Man page
OF.SpatialVx Man page
optflow Man page
ORSS Man page
pert000 Man page
pert001 Man page
pert002 Man page
pert003 Man page
pert004 Man page
pert005 Man page
pert006 Man page
pert007 Man page
plot.clusterer Man page
plot.composited Man page
plot.CSIsamples Man page
plot.EBS Man page
plot.FeatureAxis Man page
plot.FeatureMatchAnalyzer Man page
plot.features Man page
plot.gmm2d Man page
plot.griddedVgram Man page
plot.hiw Man page
plot.hoods2d Man page
plot.LocSig Man page
plot.lossdiff Man page
plot.matched Man page
plot.matchedMap Man page
plot.matchedNoMap Man page
plot.OF Man page
plot.pphindcast2d Man page
plot.rigided Man page
plot.saller Man page
plot.spatbiasFS Man page
plot.SpatialVx Man page
plot.SpatialVxMap Man page
plot.SpatialVxNoMap Man page
plot.structurogram Man page
plot.structurogram.matrix Man page
plot.summary.clusterer Man page
plot.summary.CSIsamples Man page
plot.summary.features Man page
plot.upscale2d Man page
plot.variographied Man page
plot.waveIS Man page
plot.wavePurifyVx Man page
plot.wavePurifyVxFieldsMap Man page
plot.wavePurifyVxFieldsNoMap Man page
plot.wavePurifyVxStats Man page
plot.waverify2d Man page
pphindcast2d Man page
pragmatic2dfun Man page
predict.flossdiff.expvg Man page
predict.gmm2d Man page
print.clusterer Man page
print.craered Man page
print.CSIsamples Man page
print.FeatureMatchAnalyzer Man page
print.features Man page
print.FeatureTable Man page
print.flossdiff.expvg Man page
print.fqi Man page
print.gmm2d Man page
print.hiw Man page
print.hoods2d Man page
print.imomented Man page
print.interester Man page
print.locmeasures2d Man page
print.lossdiff Man page
print.matched Man page
print.metrV Man page
print.OF Man page
print.pphindcast2d Man page
print.rigided Man page
print.saller Man page
print.SpatialVx Man page
print.summary.interester Man page
print.upscale2d Man page
print.variographied Man page
print.waverify2d Man page
QcorrRigid Man page
QlossRigid Man page
rigider Man page
rigidTransform Man page
S1 Man page
S1.default Man page
S1.SpatialVx Man page
saller Man page
shrinkgrid Man page
sig.cor.t Man page
sig.cor.Z Man page
sig.coverage Man page
Sindex Man page
Sindex.default Man page
Sindex.SpatialVx Man page
spatbiasFS Man page
SpatialVx Man page
SpatialVx-package Man page
spct Man page
sqerrloss Man page
structurogram Man page
structurogram.matrix Man page
summary.clusterer Man page
summary.CSIsamples Man page
summary.FeatureAxis Man page
summary.FeatureMatchAnalyzer Man page
summary.features Man page
summary.FeatureTable Man page
summary.fqi Man page
summary.gmm2d Man page
summary.hiw Man page
summary.interester Man page
summary.locmeasures2d Man page
summary.lossdiff Man page
summary.matched Man page
summary.OF Man page
summary.rigided Man page
summary.saller Man page
summary.spatbiasFS Man page
summary.SpatialVx Man page
summary.waveIS Man page
summary.wavePurifyVx Man page
surrogater2d Man page
thresholder Man page
thresholder.default Man page
thresholder.SpatialVx Man page
UIQI Man page
UKfcst6 Man page
UKloc Man page
UKobs6 Man page
upscale2d Man page
upscale2dfun Man page
upscale2dPlot Man page
variogram.matrix Man page
variographier Man page
variographier.default Man page
variographier.SpatialVx Man page
vxstats Man page
waveIS Man page
waveIS.default Man page
waveIS.SpatialVx Man page
wavePurifyVx Man page
wavePurifyVx.default Man page
wavePurifyVx.SpatialVx Man page
waverify2d Man page
waverify2d.default Man page
waverify2d.SpatialVx Man page
wrf2caps0425 Man page
wrf2caps0512 Man page
wrf2caps0513 Man page
wrf2caps0517 Man page
wrf2caps0518 Man page
wrf2caps0524 Man page
wrf2caps0531 Man page
wrf2caps0602 Man page
wrf2caps0603 Man page
wrf4ncar0425 Man page
wrf4ncar0512 Man page
wrf4ncar0513 Man page
wrf4ncar0517 Man page
wrf4ncar0518 Man page
wrf4ncar0524 Man page
wrf4ncar0531 Man page
wrf4ncar0602 Man page
wrf4ncar0603 Man page
wrf4ncep0425 Man page
wrf4ncep0512 Man page
wrf4ncep0513 Man page
wrf4ncep0517 Man page
wrf4ncep0518 Man page
wrf4ncep0524 Man page
wrf4ncep0531 Man page
wrf4ncep0602 Man page
wrf4ncep0603 Man page


SpatialVx/R/interester.R SpatialVx/R/minboundmatch.R SpatialVx/R/Geom.R SpatialVx/R/imomenter.R SpatialVx/R/gmm.R SpatialVx/R/Features.R SpatialVx/R/FeatureFinder.R SpatialVx/R/functionals.R SpatialVx/R/OF.R SpatialVx/R/QlossRigid.R SpatialVx/R/Misc.R SpatialVx/R/CA.R SpatialVx/R/SigFuns.R SpatialVx/R/spct.R SpatialVx/R/rigider.R SpatialVx/R/plot.matched.R SpatialVx/R/Fint2d.R SpatialVx/R/wavePurifyVx.R SpatialVx/R/MergeForce.R SpatialVx/R/DataObjects.R SpatialVx/R/FeatureTable.R SpatialVx/R/LocMeasures.R SpatialVx/R/Hoods2d.R SpatialVx/R/deltamm.R SpatialVx/R/hiw.R SpatialVx/R/Vgrams.R SpatialVx/R/craer.R SpatialVx/R/combiner.R SpatialVx/R/compositer.R SpatialVx/R/waveIS.R SpatialVx/R/waverify.R
SpatialVx/man/variographier.Rd SpatialVx/man/UKobs6.Rd SpatialVx/man/FeatureTable.Rd SpatialVx/man/GeoBoxPlot.Rd SpatialVx/man/ExampleSpatialVxSet.Rd SpatialVx/man/optflow.Rd SpatialVx/man/FQI.Rd SpatialVx/man/upscale2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/minboundmatch.Rd SpatialVx/man/MergeForce.Rd SpatialVx/man/SpatialVx-package.Rd SpatialVx/man/Sindex.Rd SpatialVx/man/OF.Rd SpatialVx/man/deltamm.Rd SpatialVx/man/gmm2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/waveIS.Rd SpatialVx/man/structurogram.matrix.Rd SpatialVx/man/lossdiff.Rd SpatialVx/man/fss2dPlot.Rd SpatialVx/man/expvgram.Rd SpatialVx/man/FeatureProps.Rd SpatialVx/man/datasets.Rd SpatialVx/man/bearing.Rd SpatialVx/man/pphindcast2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/thresholder.Rd SpatialVx/man/compositer.Rd SpatialVx/man/hoods2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/imomenter.Rd SpatialVx/man/Fint2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/griddedVgram.Rd SpatialVx/man/combiner.Rd SpatialVx/man/FeatureAxis.Rd SpatialVx/man/FeatureMatchAnalyzer.Rd SpatialVx/man/spct.Rd SpatialVx/man/Aindex.Rd SpatialVx/man/expvg.Rd SpatialVx/man/wavePurifyVx.Rd SpatialVx/man/LocSig.Rd SpatialVx/man/interester.Rd SpatialVx/man/S1.Rd SpatialVx/man/FeatureFinder.Rd SpatialVx/man/rigider.Rd SpatialVx/man/saller.Rd SpatialVx/man/fss2dfun.Rd SpatialVx/man/make.SpatialVx.Rd SpatialVx/man/EBS.Rd SpatialVx/man/waverify2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/craer.Rd SpatialVx/man/MCdof.Rd SpatialVx/man/abserrloss.Rd SpatialVx/man/locmeasures2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/locperf.Rd SpatialVx/man/surrogater2d.Rd SpatialVx/man/centdist.Rd SpatialVx/man/Mij.Rd SpatialVx/man/hump.Rd SpatialVx/man/spatbiasFS.Rd SpatialVx/man/structurogram.Rd SpatialVx/man/disjointer.Rd SpatialVx/man/clusterer.Rd SpatialVx/man/GFSNAMfcstEx.Rd SpatialVx/man/Cindex.Rd SpatialVx/man/metrV.Rd SpatialVx/man/vxstats.Rd SpatialVx/man/CSIsamples.Rd SpatialVx/man/hoods2dPlot.Rd SpatialVx/man/hiw.Rd SpatialVx/man/SpatialVx-internal.Rd

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