Man pages for SpatialVx
Spatial Forecast Verification

abserrlossLoss functions for the spatial prediction comparison test...
AindexArea Index
bearingBearing from One Spatial Location to Another
binarizerCreate Binary Fields
calculate_dFSSCalculate dFSS Score Value
calculate_FSSvector_from_binary_fieldsCalculate FSS Values
calculate_FSSwindCalculate FSSwind Score Value
censqdeltaCentered on Square Domain Baddeley's Delta Metric
centdistCentroid Distance Between Two Identified Objects
CindexConnectivity Index
CircleHistogramCircular Histogram
clustererCluster Analysis Verification
combinerCombine Features/Matched Objects
compositerCreate Composite Features
CSIsamplesForecast Verification with Cluster Analysis: The Variation
datasetsSpatial Forecast Verification Methods Inter-Comparison...
deltammMerge and/or Match Identified Features Within Two Fields
disjointerIdentify Disjoint Sets of Connected Components
EBSElmore, Baldwin and Schultz Method for Field Significance for...
ExampleSpatialVxSetSimulated Spatial Verification Set
expvgExponential Variogram
expvgramExponential Variogram
FeatureAxisMajor and Minor Axes of a Feature
FeatureFinderThreshold-based Feature Finder
FeatureMatchAnalyzerAnalyze Features of a Verification Set
FeaturePropsSingle Feature Properties
FeatureTableFeature-Based Contingency Table
Fint2d2-d Interpolation
FQIForecast Quality Index
fss2dfunVarious Verification Statistics on Possibly...
fss2dPlotCreate Several Graphics for List Objects Returned from...
GbetaSpatial-Alignment Summary Measures
GeoBoxPlotGeographic Box Plot
GFSNAMfcstExExample Verification Set
gmm2d2-d Gaussian Mixture Models Verification
griddedVgramVariograms for a Gridded Verification Set
hiwSpatial Forecast Verification Shape Analysis
hoods2dNeighborhood Verification Statistics for a Gridded...
hoods2dPlotQuilt Plot and a Matrix Plot.
humpSimulated Forecast and Verification Fields
imomenterImage Moments
interesterFeature Interest
locmeasures2dBinary Image Measures
locperfLocalization Performance Measures
LocSigTemporal Block Bootstrap Keeping Locations in Space Constant
lossdiffTest for Equal Predictive Ability on Average Over a Regularly...
make.SpatialVxSpatial Verification Sets - SpatialVx Object
MCdofMonte Carlo Degrees of Freedom
MergeForceForce Merges in Matched Feature Objects
metrVBinary Location Metric Proposed in Zhu et al. (2011)
MijRaw Image Moments.
minboundmatchMinimum Boundary Separation Feature Matching
OFOptical Flow Verification
optflowOptical Flow
pphindcast2dPractically Perfect Hindcast Neighborhood Verification Method
rigiderRigid Transformation
S1S1 Score, Anomaly Correlation
sallerFeature-based Analysis of a Field (Image)
SindexShape Index
spatbiasFSField Significance Method of Elmore et al. (2006)
SpatialVx-internalInternal functions for the SpatialVx package
SpatialVx-packageSpatial Forecast Verification
spctSpatial Prediction Comparison Test
structurogramStructure Function for Non-Gridded Spatial Fields.
structurogram.matrixStructure Function for Gridded Fields
surrogater2dCreate Surrogate Fields
TheBigGThe Spatial Alignment Summary Measure Called G
thresholderApply a Threshold to a Field
UKobs6Example Precipitation Rate Verification Set (NIMROD)
upscale2dUpscaling Neighborhood Verification on a 2-d Verification Set
variographierVariography Score
vxstatsSome Common Traditional Forecast Verification Statistics.
waveISIntensity Scale (IS) Verification
wavePurifyVxApply Traditional Forecast Verification After Wavelet...
waverify2dHigh-Resolution Gridded Forecast Verification Using Discrete...
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