SpherWave: Spherical Wavelets and SW-based Spatially Adaptive Methods

This package carries out spherical wavelet transform developed by Li (1999) and Oh (1999), and implements wavelet thresholding approaches proposed by Oh and Li (2004).

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AuthorHee-Seok Oh <heeseok.oh@gmail.com>, Donghoh Kim <donghoh.kim@gmail.com>
Date of publication2013-04-25 11:21:10
MaintainerDonghoh Kim <donghoh.kim@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bandwidth: Calculation of Bandwidth Parameter

centerpoints: Generation of Center Points

coefmatrix: Computation of Coefficients of SBF and SW

cov.comp: Computation of Covariance Matrix

eta.comp: Calculation of Bandwidth Parameters of Poisson Kernel/SBF's

gcv.lambda: Calculation of Generalized Cross-validation

gg.comp: Computation of Design Matrix induced by Multi-scale SBF's for...

grid: Generation of Grid

lambda.global: Global Thresholding Value

lscoef.comp: Computation of Interpolation Coefficients of Multi-scale SBF...

ls.comp: Computation of Coefficients of Multi-scale SBF Representation

mcov.comp: Computation of Covariance Matrix

mesh: Creation of M by N grid

mracoef.comp: Computation of Global and Local Coefficients of Multiscale...

mrafield.comp: Decomposition of a Field

mrs.comp.thresh.global: Global Thresholding of SW Coefficients

mrs.comp.thresh.level: Level-dependent Thresholding of SW Coefficients

mrsfield.comp.thresh.global: Generation of Detailed Fields by Global Thresholding

mrsfield.comp.thresh.level: Generation of Detailed Fields by Level-dependent Thresholding

msbf.comp: Calculation of an Extrapolation Field with Multiscale SBF's

multi-levels: Deciding the Number of Multi-Resolution Levels

netlab: Bottom-Up Network Design

network: Generation of Network Levels

network.design: Network Design

pk: Calculation of Normalized Poisson Kernel

ridge.comp: Computation of Coefficients of Multi-scale SBF's by Ridge...

ridge.diacomp: Calculation of Generalized Cross-validation

sbf: Extrapolation with Multi-sale SBF's

sbf.comp: Calculation of Field and Density with Multi-sale SBF's

SpherWave: Spherical Wavelets and SW-based spatially adaptive methods

SpherWave-internal: Internal SpherWave Functions

swd: Decomposition

sw.plot: Plot of Observation, Network Design, Field, SW Coefficient,...

swr: Spherical Wavelet Reconstruction of 'swd' Object

swthresh: Thresholding of Spherical Wavelet Decomposition ('swd')...

temperature: The Surface Air Temperature

thresh.global: Global Thresholding of SW Coefficients

thresh.level: Level-dependent Thresholding of SW Coefficients


bandwidth Man page
centerpoints Man page
coefmatrix Man page
cov.comp Man page
distboun.comp Man page
eta.comp Man page
gcv.lambda Man page
gg.comp Man page
gotnetlevel Man page
gotredcenter Man page
gotredgrid Man page
gotred.grid Man page
gotregcenter Man page
gotreggrid Man page
gotreg.grid Man page
grid Man page
hsred.grid Man page
hsreg.grid Man page
lambda.global Man page
lscoef.comp Man page
ls.comp Man page
mcov.comp Man page
mesh Man page
modnetlevel Man page
modredcenter Man page
modredgrid Man page
modregcenter Man page
modreggrid Man page
modterritory Man page
mracoef.comp Man page
mrafield.comp Man page
mrs.comp.thresh.global Man page
mrs.comp.thresh.level Man page
mrsfield.comp.thresh.global Man page
mrsfield.comp.thresh.level Man page
msbf.comp Man page
multi-levels Man page
multiselc.comp Man page
netlab Man page
netlevel Man page
network Man page
network.design Man page
newgotterritory Man page
newterritory Man page
pk Man page
redcenter Man page
redgrid Man page
red.grid Man page
regcenter Man page
reggrid Man page
reg.grid Man page
ridge.comp Man page
ridge.diacomp Man page
sbf Man page
sbf.comp Man page
secdistboun.comp Man page
SpherWave Man page
SpherWave-internal Man page
SpherWave-package Man page
swd Man page
sw.plot Man page
swr Man page
swthresh Man page
temperature Man page
thresh.global Man page
thresh.level Man page
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