Man pages for SpherWave
Spherical Wavelets and SW-based Spatially Adaptive Methods

bandwidthCalculation of Bandwidth Parameter
centerpointsGeneration of Center Points
coefmatrixComputation of Coefficients of SBF and SW
cov.compComputation of Covariance Matrix
eta.compCalculation of Bandwidth Parameters of Poisson Kernel/SBF's
gcv.lambdaCalculation of Generalized Cross-validation
gg.compComputation of Design Matrix induced by Multi-scale SBF's for...
gridGeneration of Grid
lambda.globalGlobal Thresholding Value
lscoef.compComputation of Interpolation Coefficients of Multi-scale SBF...
ls.compComputation of Coefficients of Multi-scale SBF Representation
mcov.compComputation of Covariance Matrix
meshCreation of M by N grid
mracoef.compComputation of Global and Local Coefficients of Multiscale...
mrafield.compDecomposition of a Field
mrs.comp.thresh.globalGlobal Thresholding of SW Coefficients
mrs.comp.thresh.levelLevel-dependent Thresholding of SW Coefficients
mrsfield.comp.thresh.globalGeneration of Detailed Fields by Global Thresholding
mrsfield.comp.thresh.levelGeneration of Detailed Fields by Level-dependent Thresholding
msbf.compCalculation of an Extrapolation Field with Multiscale SBF's
multi-levelsDeciding the Number of Multi-Resolution Levels
netlabBottom-Up Network Design
networkGeneration of Network Levels
network.designNetwork Design
pkCalculation of Normalized Poisson Kernel
ridge.compComputation of Coefficients of Multi-scale SBF's by Ridge...
ridge.diacompCalculation of Generalized Cross-validation
sbfExtrapolation with Multi-sale SBF's
sbf.compCalculation of Field and Density with Multi-sale SBF's
SpherWaveSpherical Wavelets and SW-based spatially adaptive methods
SpherWave-internalInternal SpherWave Functions
sw.plotPlot of Observation, Network Design, Field, SW Coefficient,...
swrSpherical Wavelet Reconstruction of 'swd' Object
swthreshThresholding of Spherical Wavelet Decomposition ('swd')...
temperatureThe Surface Air Temperature
thresh.globalGlobal Thresholding of SW Coefficients
thresh.levelLevel-dependent Thresholding of SW Coefficients
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